Farewell To Winter

Today I’m getting ready for Spring, cleaning the garden, organizing the pantry and planning Summer roadtrips!

How To Host Your First Holiday Dinner

It’s officially Holiday Season and today I’m sharing my recipes for all the sides including cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Hosting your first Holiday Dinner? I’ve got you.

Jenn’s Northwest Seafood Chowder

When I think of Chowder, I think of the New England version. Tonight I created my own Northwest Chowder with Wild Sockeye Salmon, Cod and Clams.

What I’m Loving In July – 2020 Edition

7 pm and finally a little reprieve from the oppressive heat wave we’ve been having.  Every window is open, the fan is going.  Soon the sun will set and the cool evening breeze will start to blow through the windows filling the home with a peaceful cool vibe we’ve been looking forward to all day….

A Walk At Kanaka Creek Cliff Falls

“After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value.” We picked Mom up Saturday afternoon and headed to Kanaka Creek Regional Park for a walk to the Cliff Falls and the Salmon Hatchery.  Kanaka Creek Park is in the city of Maple Ridge a 40 minute drive from Vancouver.  The weather promised sunshine and…

Movies And Shows Filmed In The Pacific Northwest- Chapter III

I wrote the last chapter of my Pacific Northwest movies and shows in 2018.  With the amount of filming done in this area, these blogs could go on for a long time.  I’m sticking however to shows and movies I’ve watched.  For me, these are about immersing myself in the atmospheric environments these shows create. …