Hi! I’m Jennifer;   I call the Pacific Northwest home.  I’ve been a Certified Aromatherapist for 20 years. I’m also a Pianist, A practitioner of the Craft, Amateur Chef, Gracious hostess, Soap maker and Lover of rain and fog.

I own a company called Flower of Tahiti Organics; An Organic and Vegan Hair Mask Line infused with Monoi Oil imported directly from Tahiti.  To learn more and to shop visit  www.FlowerOfTahiti.com

Things I Love:  Being in Nature as much as I can. This means Hiking, Camping and Travelling throughout the Pacific Northwest Coast.  Yoga & Meditation: I practice daily.  Cooking as you will see in my In The Kitchen section of this blog. Photography.  All things Paranormal. Makeup (Some would say I have way too much but who’s keeping score?). Reading. Family. Music and of course, Writing.

Things I Don’t Love:  Large crowds.  Vodka Martini’s (don’t ask). Hot weather (I’m a Fall/Winter girl). Listening to Golf commentators (snore). Staying still for too long (I need to be inspired, intellectually stimulated, constantly learning and moving my body).

Join me for tasty recipes, monthly faves as well as my photography about life and travels in the rain forests along the British Columbia Coast.  Welcome.


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