Activities To Do In Vancouver During Autumn

“The trees say they’re tired,

they’ve born too much fruit
Charmed all the wayside, there’s no dispute
Now shedding leaves, they don’t give a hoot
La-di-da, di-da-di-dum, ’tis Autumn”

I stopped to watch 2 squirrels in the forest yesterday,  one black, one grey.  They were busy collecting supplies and running them up a tree.  I figured they must be preparing their home for the cooler weather;  it is Autumn after-all and time when we all hunker down, pull out the  blankets and candles and make our homes comfy and warm. 

There are plenty of days left however before the real cold moves into my beloved Pacific coast so before the never ending rain comes, there will be crisp days to enjoy the outdoors and feel the warmth of the sun on my face.

Today I wanted to share some activities to do here in Vancouver, whether you live in Vancouver or are planning a visit. Things I enjoy doing during Autumn as well as new ones I’m planning on doing this year. Simple activities to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  So grab a warm drink and a snack and let’s get started

Things To Do In Vancouver During Autumn

Vancouver Flea Market

It rained all day Saturday so I head over to the Vancouver Flea Market.  I can’t believe I’d never gone, especially given it’s a 10 minute drive from my home.  Opened since 2002, you’ll find everything here; books, antique costume jewelry, tools, records, cameras, you name it.  Theres’s a $2 entrance fee. We perused the isles, chatting with vendors and making mental notes of things we might go back for.  (photos by Jennifer Pedraza Richardson)

Grab A Fall Drink and Visit A Used Book Store

Tanglewood Books is housed in a quaint heritage building at 2306 West Broadway.  It’s conveniently located next to a coffee shop, perfect for grabbing an Autumn inspired beverage and losing yourself in the many titles.  Find the perfect coffee table book or even a gift for that friend that refuses to get over the feeling and smell of holding a real book..oh that’s me!  I went looking for Pacific Northwest stories, Autumn themed stories and Witchcraft books. They also carry movies and gently used tarot decks. (photos by Jennifer Pedraza Richardson)

Visit The Salmon Hatchery For Fall Foliage

One of the nicest walks, in my opinion, are the trails around the Capilano Salmon Hatchery in North Vancouver, especially during Autumn.  We’ve made it a custom to go for a walk during the Thanksgiving weekend for years. Colourful leaves, families salmon fishing from the rocks above the Capilano river and the sound of rushing waterfalls.  This is a reel I created of a walk we did a couple of years ago  HERE.  Inside the actual Hatchery is an interpretive centre where you can learn about Salmon from the hatching stage until they are released into the river as juveniles.

(photos by Jennifer Pedraza Richardson)

Candlelight Concerts At Christ Cathedral

I used to attend the Sunday Compline at 8pm here, not for the mass per se but for the experience.  Being traditionally the last mass of the evening, the entire Cathedral would be lit only by candles, Frankincense wafting from brass burners perfuming the air with the sweet scent of resin and the choir singing Gregorian Chants out of view from the dark balcony above.   I’m thinking of buying tickets for this concert series.  The October concerts will showcase the Listeso String Quartet performing music from some of the most famous haunted soundtracks like Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissor Hands. The acoustics in the Cathedral are amazing and the glow of candlelight against the stained glass windows add to the vibe.

Lost Souls of Gastown Walking Tours

This walking tour is a must even if just once.  I did the walking tour on a very rainy Halloween night years ago.  We all met at Library Square where our guide, in full character holding a lantern, walked us through some of the most haunted places in the city while sharing chilling tales about the dark history of Vancouver.  We went to a hotel and gathered around the fireplace to hear of a ghost that haunts the place to this day, later down dark Blood Alley for stories of a murder.  It’s a lot of fun. Wear comfortable walking shoes and if there is rain in the forecast, do as I did and wear rain boots and a raincoat with a good hood.  Everyone was commenting how I not only kept my feet warm and dry but I also didn’t have to carry an umbrella around all night. 

(photo by

Walk Down The Most Beautiful Block In Vancouver

On 10th Avenue between Manitoba and Columbia Street is The most Beautiful Block in Vancouver.  The street is lined with tall Chestnut and Oak trees as well as Heritage homes colourfully painted in purples and bright yellows.  This is more of a photo op destination as some houses have old bicycles or wheelbarrows with flowers, there’s a fairy garden around one of the big trees. Because it’s a bike lane there is no traffic and today it was sunny and warm as I walked and took photos.  It feels like you’re stepping into another world for a moment, people were smiling and make sure to take a moment to read the plaques outside the homes. Most are 20th century Edwardian style homes built around 1907.  (photos by Jennifer Pedraza Richardson)

Visit The Southlands Heritage Farm 

This fully working farm right in the city is open all year round for free tours, a visit with the animals, their farm gate sales; the only 100 meter market in Vancouver offering all organic produce grown on the farm.  In October they have a pumpkin patch with food trucks and live music.  This one is great for the entire family. Photo by Michael Kwan at

The Historic Britannia Shipyards & Steveston Village

With building dating back to 1885, The Britannia Shipyards buildings were once homes, canneries, stores and boatyards and tell the story of the people who lived and worked there: Chinese, European, First Nations and Japanese. Located on the waterfront at 5180 Westwater Drive in Richmond, there is no entrance fee to the museum and being so close to Steveston Village, a great idea is to visit the museum then grab a lunch of Fish & Chips at one of the many restaurants in the village. Steveston is a lively place with lots to see and plenty of shopping. 

Photo by

Steveston Village Photos by Jennifer Pedraza Richardson

London Farm in Richmond 

If the weather is nice, make it a day in Richmond and head over to London Farm after visiting the Shipyards.  Located on the Fraser River, the farm was built by two brothers who moved from Ontario to BC in the late 1800’s. They bought 200 acres of land for $2000 and established fruit orchards and a cannery with a steamship landing.  Today, you can visit the farmhouse, barns and gardens for free and it’s open to all ages. The house remains intact with original furniture and clothing on display so you can get a sense of life back then.   (photo from site)

I hope you enjoyed this entry today and will perhaps even take a trip to one of these locations. I’ll be sharing lot’s of Autumn content and recipes so make sure to subscribe and get every blogpost conveniently delivered to your inbox.

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Photo by Jennifer Pedraza Richardson

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