A Summer Bucket List Of Glimmers

“A glimmer of hope, even a small one lingering tantalizingly far in the future, can help you face the trials in between”.

Are you familiar with the term Glimmers?  Glimmers are the opposite of Triggers.  They can be anything that give you feelings of happiness, excitement, a sense of safety or tranquility – basically they make you feel good.   I got to thinking of Glimmers and how I can incorporate more into my life. 

I used to dread Summer because of the overall busy-ness;  invites, trips and generally having to see more people. My flight or fight kicks into high gear in the Summer , well, mostly my flight and my instinct is to flee the city and hole up in a cottage by the sea only to return in the Fall when the world slows down once more.



  1. deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is.

A favourite glimmer of mine is romanticizing my life so I’ve created a Summer Bucket List of Glimmers, things I would love to do this Summer; activities with whimsy that connect me with my childlike imagination.  I encourage you to make your own. I think it would be fun to write one into my daily calendar or maybe give each one a number and roll a dice to decide which one I’ll do.  Summer is after-all a season of spontaneity right?  


– dance in the rain  

– go lavender picking

-take a  sunset walk on the beach with my husband 

Hike to a viewpoint or a waterfall

-Purchase new bedding in a Summery floral pattern

– Drink my morning mint tea outside while watching the sun rise

– swim in the ocean

– read a  summer themed book under the shade of a tree 

– walk through a field of sunflowers

– cook a meal over a campfire

-learn the lyrics to a song I like from the radio

– wear a floral dress to shop at the farmers market

– do yoga at a park

-blow bubbles (I think my kitties are going to love this one)

– stargaze on a warm summer night

– go fishing and make a meal with my catch

pitch and putt or mini golf

– go to the drive in to watch the new Indiana Jones

– learn a new song on the piano

– cook and serve an Italian themed meal on the balcony “al fesco”

– have a summer movie Marathon at home:  Grease, Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants, How to Make an American Quilt,  The Parent Trap (1961) , AdventureLand, Stand By Me, Blue Crush

– go bird watching in the forest with my binoculars

– make sun tea

-Colour in a colouring book while listening to an audiobook (like Harry Potter!)

– Make blackberry pancakes for dinner

Whether I get through my entire list is not the point. The point is to do something out of the ordinary, something that boosts my serotonin and connects me to my SELF as many times as I can. There is no reason why we have to act so serious just because we’re adults, who made that rule? I feel very attuned to my childlike spirit so doing these things sound like fun but if there’s something you’ve wanted to do but it seems foreign, ease into it, start with a bubble bath or watching a movie you loved as a child. Remember the energy we had as kids? That’s because kids aren’t burdened with chores and responsibilities. Have you noticed how when you’re doing something you really enjoy you’re not tired, you can do it for hours? Now you’re getting the idea 🙂

Find your Glimmers.



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