Imbolc – Farewell To Winter

Spreading her green cloak across the land, Brigid revives the earth from her winter slumber”. 

The Wheel of the year turns again and Imbolc (also known as Brigid’s Day) falls around February 2. The weather in February on the coast is in constant flux; rain, fog, some years snow and more rain. Inside however, the warmth of wholesome food and hot tea keep the spirit of home. Even though it will be months before the winds warm, Imbolc is a time to say farewell to Winter and welcome the coming of Spring and longer days.

We banish Winter and now we welcome Spring!

Pagans everywhere celebrate the union of the Maiden Goddess and her consort God. It is a time of fertility and leftover greenery from Yule can be used to stoke the Imbolc fire. A way to usher Winter out is to sweep the Magickal circle starting from the middle outward as if to sweep away any ill will or malice. If a Witch has yet to purchase or make a broom, Imbolc is a good time for this. Those of us who have a besom (broom) can re-consecrate it to work for us throughout the year.

Staff and besom tightly bound, let no dross in you be found. Let your twigs their buds recall; your handle be a strength for all. Be you worthy of the chore of sweeping Earth’s bewintered floor.

An Imbolc Ritual

SUPPLIES: 4 tea candles & something to light them with

A diary or your Book of Shadows and a pen/pencil

✧ Light the first candle & say, to yourself or out loud, in whatever words come to you:

Even though we’re still in winter, there is new life stirring in the darkness.

✧ Light the second candle & say:

I call in the light & the fire of the growing sun. I call on its power to spark new life deep in the dark.

✧ Light the third candle & say:

Like fire, wisdom, inspiration & new life will always grow —  just like the first spring flowers stirring in the dark.

✧ Finally, light the last candle. As you do, visualize the four flames coming together as one. As the light builds, see the energy growing in a purifying glow.

I call on these flames to cleanse & purify me as I move into the time of new life coming manifest. Fire of the hearth, blaze of the sun, fill me in your shining light.

✧ Take a few moments and meditate on the light of your candles. Think about this sacred day, a time of healing & inspiration & purification.

Do you have something damaged that needs to be healed? Are you feeling stagnant, for lack of inspiration? Is there some part of your life that feels toxic or tainted? Visualize the light as a warm, enveloping energy that wraps itself around you, healing your ailments, igniting the spark of creativity, and purifying that which is damaged.

✧ Spend a few minutes afterward writing your thoughts & reflections in your journal.

Traditional divination for Imbolc involves looking into the future and weather divination. If you think of how dark and long the dark half of the year must of been for our ancestors, then finding hints of when Winter would come to an end would make sense during those times. Go out into nature and look for signs in the weather. Make note of what the birds or animals are doing, is the ice melting or is there more rain than snow this year. Using Tarot or Runes can also allow us to peer into the future.

Thank you for joining me today. Whether you practice Magick and believe in the Olde Gods or not, February is the perfect time to dream up the Spring Garden, let go of anything you’d like to change in your life. Even a good spring clean of the house is a way you can open space for the seasons to come.

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Blessing on Imbolc.



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