Do You Make New Year Resolutions?

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals”.

Blessings for the year to come friends. Today it rained and rained. I spent the day tidying the home from the clutter of Christmas decor, bowls of snacks, candles and anything else that was taking up too much space on surfaces was neatly tucked away until next year. I breathe deeper and feel calmer when the year comes to an end and I can anticipate the clean slate I can begin with after the chaotic energy that comes with the “most wonderful time of the year”. I relish in the calm after the storm and even the home decor gets scaled right down to an almost minimalistic look.

Many people say they don’t make new years resolutions because they end of not sticking to them but I like to set a few goals without pressure or worries of not following through. I mean if you think about it, who’s going to know whether you followed through or not?

I like to set a certain amount of goals; it gives me a refreshed view of my life as I move into the energy of a new year and something to look forward to. I’m not one to set insurmountable goals, just things I want to work on, learn or perfect.

I think if we keep our resolutions in line with our authentic self then it’s harder to break them. Why set a goal like running a marathon if you’ve never run in your life? For me, resolutions should be an extension of who you are and they should make your life better, bring you even closer to your values.

Diving deeper into gardening will be one for me. Gardening connects me to my natural need to nurture and care for my family. So by growing food and herbs, I can in turn nourish myself and my husband and care for our health by creating herbal teas.

Continuing to connect with my Craft (witchcraft) is very important. My spirituality, as it should be for everyone regardless of your path, keeps me grounded, creates a sense of wellbeing and safety and is a creative outlet as the Sabbats and Esbats take planning in creating an altar and theme for each celebration.

I also want to create a way to help others who are working on their mental health and I’ve been thinking about a few ideas about how I can do that. It’s a topic that is close to my heart and I’ve been so blessed this year to find support from a wide array of resources including friends, family and online. I feel a calling from the Universe to pitch in with the wisdom I’ve gained from years for study and therapy. I have a lot to share and I think it’s time to do it.

Spending more time in Nature is very important for me. Being amongst trees quiets my mind in a way nothing else does. When we’re in nature, we’re able to free ourselves from any societal pressures. Nature doesn’t care who you are, how much money you have, what you look like. It allows us to attune to our true purpose which is to just be.

What will you set as a goal for 2023? When we live life aligned with our values, stress dissipates, we feel happier and more energetic. Continuous small steps are easier to accomplish than huge ones, so choose one thing this year that you want to learn, do, create and do it!

A blessed New Year to you all and much gratitude for joining me this year at The Bell Witch Manor.

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