The Christmas Book Basket

“Baby it’s cold outside”

The child in me loves to sit in a cozy corner, wrapped in a blanket and lose myself in a picture book. Do remember doing this? As a child I could sit for minutes at a time looking at one illustration imagining what it would be like to live in that world.

We’re getting another snow fall this evening so I’m going to bake some cookies and see what I can find in the Christmas Book Basket to read.

Years ago I started re-purchasing books I loved when I was a child; Where The Wild Things Are, Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great; These I keep as collectables but my Christmas book collection comes out every year and today I want to share them with you.


Both Home Alone movies are my favourites to watch each year so when I saw there were books about the movies, I had to get them. With beautiful bold illustrations they’ve somehow perfectly condensed the entire films into 20 pages.


The story of how Buddy the Elf saved Christmas is all here in this book written by the same authors as the Home Alone collection. You’ll learn the code of the elves, travel through the candy cane forest and visit Michael, Emily and Walter Hobbs in New York City where breakfast is always pasta with pop-tarts of course.


The Christmas Wish was written by a Scandinavian photographer who inserts his daughter Anja into this magical winter world. The story is of brave little Anja who heads out on an adventure to help Santa Clause. She is joined by a cardinal, a horse and a polar bear.


Eloise is 6 and she lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Her nanny watches over her while her parents travel the world for work. There is much to do at the Plaza Hotel and many friends to be made. Eloise sometimes gets into trouble but her intentions are pure and this Christmas story set at one of my dream Christmas locations is filled with cheer and mischief.


The classic Dr. Seuss story of how the Grinch who lived high above the town of Whoville tried to steal Christmas.. but does he succeed? We all know what happens in this one.


You’re probably seeing a theme here: New York. Yes, it’s the one place I want to spend a, if not many Christmas seasons. This book features the hand painted Christmas ornaments made by artist Michael Storrings. Each ornament is of a famous landmark in the city and each page of this book has the story behind the location with wonderful illustrations. Michael’s ornaments are sold at most major departments stores in New York.


One of the biggest reasons I’ve wanted to visit N.Y.C at Christmastime is to experience the world famous department store window displays. I can’t wait to see what Bergdorf Goodman or Saks Fith Avenue or Macy’s is going to come up with each year and watch them on Youtube. This book is a century worth of New York Christmas windows starting in early 1900’s – 1999.


This one is a must have in any literary collection. A dark Christmas story about Ebenezer Scrooge, a man who hates everything to do with the Holiday’s, especially the thought of missing a day of work when he could be making money. 4 Ghosts visit him on Christmas eve, 3 will show him the things he’s missed out on and how he can keep Christmas in his heart.

What is your favourite Christmas story?

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look into my Christmas Book basket.

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