The Nights Before Christmas

“Your boughs, so green in Summer-time
Stay bravely green in Winter-time
O Tannenbaum, O Christmas tree
How lovely are thy branches”

Welcome December! Warmest greetings readers, thank you for joining me. On December 1st for the past 8 years, my husband and I head out to find the perfect Christmas tree then return home to decorate the home and enjoy a warm cup of mulled wine.

It’s been an interesting time these past 3 years and something about it has me craving simplicity. An olde fashion Christmas is what my spirit is craving. We will keep things simple, organic, make the central focus that of spending quality time with family over spending too much money.

There’s much to do on the nights before Christmas; our Mulled wine and Charcuterie evening, a walk at Van Dusen Gardens for the Festival of Lights and of course plenty of Christmas movies!

I spent my Saturday at the shops picking up fun stocking stuffers and a gift for my family’s traditional game of Greedy Santa we play on Christmas eve. I took some time in the early evening to make a few pomanders for the dining room centrepiece. I take oranges and insert cloves into them in whichever pattern I choose. I tied them with festive ribbons. I also rub the orange rinds with Cinnamon essential oil; this gives them a Christmassy fragrance and also helps to preserve them.

The nights before Christmas are cozy and festive, we don our ugly christmas sweaters for a photo next to the tree and music plays from my holiday playlist with all the classics.

We’ll be driving into the snowy mountains for our annual wedding anniversary trip. We stay at the Four Seasons and there’s nowhere more magical than the FS at Christmastime. Wine tasting in the lounge every day at 4pm, s’mores around the fire and a good soak in the outdoor hot tubs surrounded by snowy forest; it’s the best way to take a breather from all the holiday madness and enjoy some down time with my husband.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice, Yule for Pagans. This is a special day and great care is placed in making a wonderfully cozy meal, adorning the table with festive plaids, handmade pomanders and my nutcracker dolls. After the celebrations end, I retreat into my studio to perform a Yule Ritual, something I’ve done for many years along with my best friend who lives in Spain. We agree on a time and try to start together.

Ice Skating, snow shoeing at Cypress mountain and spending lazy days after Christmas vegging out and playing with our presents. These are the days of Christmas, my favourite time of the year. What fun things do you and your family do? I’d love to hear from you.

Yule Blessings from my home to yours.



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