Unconventional Shows To Watch At Christmastime Part II

Fran Fine : “Forgive me Father, for I have


Priest : “I don’t know the penance for that. I suppose you could say ten Hail Macy’s”.

Tired of watching the same Christmas movies/shows every year? Last year I shared a list of Unconventional Christmas Movies to watch; this year I’m back to share some of my favourite shows. If you’re looking for a break from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas or Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (I can’t imagine anyone who’d need a break but, ok) keep reading; these shows have all the Holiday cozy feels and may be some you haven’t seen (or haven’t thought of for some time). I’ll include direct links so that you can watch some of them here on the blog.

Cozy Unconventional Christmas Shows To Watch This Season

Oldie But A GoodieThe Nanny Christmas Episode

In this episode (you can watch it on Amazon Prime- Season 1 Episode 8)) Fran experiences her very first Christmas when Mr. Sheffield asks her to work while he’s away during the Holidays. Fran finds herself spending more money than she has, attending a Christmas mass, visiting a pawn shop, all while wearing the most fabulous clothing in good nanny Fine style.

90’S VIBES –   Friends Christmas Episodes 

There are 10 Friends Christmas episodes and I love watching them. Some of the most memorable moments are Ross and Monica’s dance routine, when Ross dresses as the Holiday Armadillo and Rachel dates a guy with an uncomfortably close relationship with his sister. I have a Friends Christmas marathon every year. For all of the episodes HERE

If You Dream Of Living In The Wilderness – A Family Christmas At The Log Cabin

My Self Reliance Youtube Channel is about the life of Shawn James, a man who’s built 2 cabins on his property in Northern Ontario Canada. I’ve watched Shawn since he started building his first cabin (featured in the video below). He is an inspiration and testament of what having a dream and making it true for yourself means. A lot of his videos are without dialogue so you can just enjoy the quiet solitude of being in the woods, baking bread in his outdoor oven and celebrating Christmas with family.

If You Love Tradition:  Delia’s Classic Christmas

I take great pleasure in the creation of a wonderful meal from shopping for ingredients to setting the table. This UK special features all the traditional foods cooked during the holidays. From Christmas Pudding, Scallops to British Bacon. The food is a little different from what we make in North America for the festivities but if you enjoy tradition you’ll especially love the custom of storing the Christmas Pudding under the bed and the quick meals whipped up with leftovers from the freezer.

For The Perfect Host/ess :  Nigellas Christmas Kitchen

Nigella has a way of narrating her cooking that makes anything sound delicious. Filmed inside her home in London, each episode takes us on a full day of preparing for the perfect comfort food experience. Most of the recipes she makes are quite easy and quick to prepare. This is one show to watch curled under a warm blanket. I love how her shows usually end: with her sneaking downstairs after the family is sleeping, to whip up a midnight snack made with leftovers.

For the Traveller : Rick Steve’s European Christmas

When I think about why I enjoy Rick Steves shows so much, two things come to mind. First they’re wholesome and second Rick is a well of knowledge about the history of every place he visits. When we visited Barcelona during our honeymoon, we took Steve’s advice and checked out a bar he recommended, it was amazing. We also made reservations at a restaurant he recommended when we were in Tuscany and again, an incredible experience. This special takes you from Italy to Norway and features the customs from different countries and how in the end the most important is that we all share in the spirit of the season with family.

For The Musician – Sting “If On A Winter’s Night”

Ever since this album was released in 2009, I’ve pulled the CD out in November and started playing it. Steeped in historical songs imbued with folk instruments as well as classical music, this is how Sting created the album and the process of recording it. He chose non-traditional Christmas songs which I think appeal to a broader audience; people who may not want to listen to Mariah Carey every year. A hauntingly beautiful album and wonderful show.

If You Love Hallmark Style Movies – A Castle for Christmas

Netflix has put out some great alternatives to the regular Christmas movies we watch each year. The Christmas Prince and Princess Switch series are fun. I recently watched A Castle For Christmas and really enjoyed it. It has all the same set up and scenarios as most Hallmark movies but something about these characters especially and the Scottish countryside as a back drop. It’s worth watching.

I think I’ve come to the end of this entry. As an “avid” Christmas movie/show watcher, its always fun to have other options and I hope this list has helped you find something different to watch this year. I’m now going to go watch Merry Christmas Mr. Bean.

I wish you all a fun Christmas Movie season.

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