A November Journal: Chores and A 30 Day Photo Challenge

“The house was very quiet, and the fog—we are in November now—pressed against the windows like an excluded ghost.”

The first major Autumn storm hit last night with winds of 90km and hour. We were lucky to not lose power but a lot of the suburbs outside of the city did and we awoke to fallen trees and branches strewn across the sidewalks and streets. Today, blue skies and sunshine; That’s the Pacific Northwest. I spent last weekend moving the Summer wardrobe to storage. Out came the sweaters, boots, velvets and Holiday sequins.

The calendar on the kitchen wall is already getting filled with Holiday activities: Cocktail parties, Holiday markets, our wedding anniversary trip to Whistler and my annual tradition of writing up my Christmas Cards and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade later this month.

I’m going to be doing a photo challenge for the entire month of November. 30 photos with daily prompts. I’ thought I’d ‘ll leave the list here for anyone who’d like to join. You can use this same list for any month really and invite friends to post their own photos. I’ll share my photos at the end of this month.


1. Leaves

2  Cozy

3  Home

4  Trail

5  VIntage

6  Cooking

7  warm and fuzzy

8  black and white

9  Fall drink

10  sky

11  scenic drive

12  midnight

13  daily ritual

14  Love

15  my favourite colour

16  out my window

17  shadows

18  candles

19  macro (close up)

20  currently reading

21  road

22  sunset

23  shoes 

24  tradition

25  fairy lights

26  nail colour

27 funny

28  music

29  quote

30  winter is coming

I’ve been enjoying the quiet in-between time that November brings. The Halloween pumpkins are stored away and the home is serene until December that is, then bring on the holiday decor, eggnog and Christmas music. The pace is slow this month and I spend time in the kitchen planning meals, reorganizing the linen wardrobe with soft flannel sheets and laundering the feather duvet to cozy up in on chilly nights. Tonight we set our clocks back which brings nightfall that much earlier. November is a time to rest and at home we don’t do any christmas decorating until December 1st, I like it that way because we can anticipate the date and enjoy it all the more.

There are certain chores I keep up with each season and this month I think I’ll focus on the closets including donating or selling clothes we haven’t worn for over a year, taking stock of anything we may need (I bought a pair of winter boots) and dry cleaning coats that have been in storage and may need freshening up or steaming. I also cleaned the garden and only left a few of the plants that grow through the winter like scallions, lettuce, rosemary and sage. The rest of the pots were cleaned and ready to be replanted in the spring.

How do you plan to spend November? Are there any chores you focus on?

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Stay warm.



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