Movies and Shows Filmed In The Pacific Northwest (Chapter IV)

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, This is what it is to be happy.’

PHOTO BY Jennifer Pedraza Richardson

 I can’t believe I’m writing part 4 of this series but they don’t call us “Hollywood North” for nothing!   All of the movies and shows below were filmed in the Pacific Northwest.  Take a look at my past 3 entrees HERE (Part 1Part 2Part 3) . There’s always something unique about shows filmed here; the whole atmosphere I guess.

I have this “thing” where I visit the filming locations of my favourite shows and movies.  I’ve done it for years. I have driven ALL the way to Forks Washington and La Push on a Twilight trip.  I’ve walked the stacks at Long Beach in Tofino where Bella and Jacob walk in New Moon (and where War for The Planet of the Apes was filmed).  I’ve visited the cabin Mel lives in on Virgin River (it’s in North Vancouver) and gone to the Chieftan Pub in Squamish – favourite hang out of the characters from Men in Trees. I’ve been to Coupville – Whidbey Island home to the Owens witches in Practical Magic . I even hiked in 40 degree weather when I was in Italy to see Bramasole; Francis’ home in Under The Tuscan Sun. 

The Pacific Northwest has many beautiful locations for filming. The forests, rivers, mountains and beaches are almost a character on their own.  I love watching shows filmed here because they feel real ; The characters live and move in the same environment I live in. 

These are more of my Favourite Shows/Movies Filmed In The PNW

Virgin River (filmed in Squamish and North Vancouver, BC)

Virgin River has all the cozy feels of a small West Coast town. Mel, a nurse practitioner and midwife, takes a job in remote Virgin River in response to an Ad. Like the show Men in Trees (another fave of mine), it’s a town of mostly friendly people who have known each other their entire lives. Enter bar owner Jack and we have a sometimes complicated love story. Beautiful scenery , cozy cabins and small town renaissance fairs. I’d move to Virgin River in a heart beat… and I can! ’cause it’s in Squamish, about 1 hour from my home. Watch the trailer HERE

The Adam Project (Filmed in Vancouver, BC)

Watch the Adam Project on Netflix Canada. Vancouverite Ryan Reynolds plays a time travelling pilot who crash lands in 2022 and meets his 12 year old self. They end up working together to save the world. The home his childhood self lives in is a dream; surrounded by dense forest, it’s the kind of place I’ve been looking to buy for years. It’s always fun to recognize locations when watching films and this one has a few including Lynn Valley and West Vancouver. Watch the Trailer HERE

Leave No Trace (Filmed in Washington State and Oregon)

Leave no trace is about an ex-military father with PTSD who lives in the wilderness with his daughter. After they are tipped off to authorities for living in state forests, they are forced to reintegrate into society. Filmed in the forests of Washington state, it’s a bit of a sad story but there is no shortage of huge trees and green lush nature. Watch the trailer HERE

Where’d you Go Bernadette? (Filmed in Seattle and Vancouver, BC)

Ex architect, Bernadette lives in ever rainy Seattle in a huge run down character home with her daughter and husband. Bored and looking for inspiration, Bernadette decides to disappear taking her family to the end of the earth (literally) to find her. Stormy Seattle is the backdrop of this delightful story. If you love dark clouds and chic PNW outfits (and a quirky neurotic lead character), you’ll love this one as much as I do. on Netflix. Watch the trailer HERE

Say Anything (Filmed in Vancouver, BC -Kits Beach)

Who didn’t watch this film in the 80’s? At the time I didn’t live in Vancouver but the movie is filmed here in and around the city including Kit’s Beach. A story of first love. When Lloyd and Diane start dating no can believe someone like her would be interested in someone like him, including Diane’s father who thinks she can do better. Tree lined streets, Pacific Northwest style homes and the famous boom box scene. Watch the trailer HERE

War For The Planet Of The Apes (Filmed in Tofino and Ucluelet, BC)

I went to see this one in the theatre. Never having seen any of the series I wasn’t sure what to expect. Little did I know it’s all filmed in Tofino and Ucluelet . The story is of a revolution and war with Apes against humans to protect their home and lives. It’s beautifully captured with Long Beach and stunning forests as the backdrop. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Watch the trailer HERE

Sleepless In Seattle (Filmed in Seattle)

A widower and his son live in Seattle. One day the young boy calls a radio station in hopes of finding a new wife for this dad. Shot in Seattle with scenes at Pike Place Market. I’ve always found Seattle haunting and I love how it’s portrayed in this film. It has all the city vibes with the low key west coast style we’re famous for. I can’t believe I only watched this one last year for the first time! Watch the trailer HERE

Free Willy (Filmed in Oregon)

Jesse gets into trouble after vandalizing a theme park and to make amends he has to work there. When he meets Willy, an Orca Whale in captivity, they create a bond and Jesse feels compelled to reunite Willy with his family. The west coast scenery in this film is precisely why I love living here. The vast Pacific Ocean and the ever present mountains as a backdrop. Watch the trailer HERE

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