Book of Shadows: 5 Spells for Every Occasion

“Now is the time, this is the hour, ours is the Magick, ours is the Power”

April 30 (next Sunday) there will be a partial Solar Eclipse. On these special power days my best friend and I like to get “together” online (she’s in Spain) and practice Magick. Mostly we set an intention then meditate on it then finish by giving each other a Tarot reading.

The Spells I’m sharing below are some I’ve practiced and shared with clients for years. It’s believed that to make our Magick stronger we can align the timing of the spell with the right day of the week, moon phase; we can also add coloured candles and crystals. I will include this information with each spell below although they can be practiced at any time as needed. Sometimes there are special circumstances in which we just can’t wait for the planets to be aligned and in the end it is the energy we put into our spells that allow them to work.

I have been a practitioner of the Craft for the majority of my life and one Law all Witches abide by strictly is: Harm None ; this means we never cast a spell to hurt or manipulate another person. So, lets give it a go!

72 Hour Magnet Spell To Attract Something Quickly

Best Time To Practice: Friday is for Growth and Harmony

Planet: Venus

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent to Full

Candle Colour: Pink

Cyrstal: Rose Quartz and Emerald

This Spell is said to attract your desired outcome within 72 hours. It’s very easy. Fill a glass with water (tap water is fine). Slice a fresh lemon and add 3 drops of lemon juice to the water. Take your glass outside at night where you can stand under the moon light. Close your eyes and clearly visualize what it is you want to attract to you. Now look into the water and see the image of your intention in the water. Once you feel the water is fully charged with your intention, drink the entire glass. The lemon is said to charge the water like a battery and once you drink it, your entire body is charged and your wish will come to you as if you are a magnet. Repeat this spell for 3 nights in a row. SO MOTE IT BE!

Spell To Banish Fear

Best Time to Practice: Sunday is about Self love, Victory and Hope

Planet: The Sun

Moon Phase: Waning to New Moon

Candle Colour: Yellow

Crystal: Amber

If there is an event like an interview or public speaking engagement coming up that you are feeling nervous about, this Spell will melt away your fear. In a bowl add 1 ice cube for each thing to be banished and say “With the help of the guardians, the angels, archangels, Goddess and God. I ask that (fill in the blank___) gently be lifted from me. As the ice melts so does my resistance and as the water turns to air (fill in the blank___) opens to spaciousness. I ask that this be done with ease and for the greater good. I release this with love and trust and say So Be IT. And so it is” – let the bowl remain in place until all the water has evaporated.

Freezing Spell

Best Time to Practice: Saturday is a good day to banish negativity

Planet: Saturn

Moon Phase: New/Dark Moon (the 3 nights there is no Moon in the sky)

Candle Colour: Black & Dark Purple candles

Crystal: Obsidian & Hematite

This is a good spell to do if there is something you no longer want in you life. This spell will freeze what you don’t want out of your life and you will notice it slowly disappearing until it no longer exists. It can be a bad habit or something that seems to keep coming back. Take a small container (jar or vial). On a piece of paper write out what it is you no longer want/need. Visualize it out of your life. Tear up the paper and place it in the container. Fill it with water, seal it and place it in the back corner of your freezer and forget about it. When you feel it’s worked, you can dispose of it by tossing it into rushing water like a river..or just keep it in your freezer so it never returns.

Spell To Stop Gossip

Best Time to Practice: Wednesday is all about communication

Planet: Mercury

Moon Phase: New Moon

Candle Colour: Purple

Moon Phase: Last Quartar

Crystal: Adventurine and Agate

This spell can be used if you know of someone who might be spreading rumours that are untrue about you. During the New Moon write the persons name (if you don’t know who it is, just write “Stop Gossip” – or whatever you want to stop) in pencil on a piece of paper. Each day you will erase one letter envisioning the person surrounded by loving light and you will do this every day until the page is blank. Burn the paper and flush the ashes down the toilet knowing that no harm can come to you.

Pineapple Bath For Good Luck, Abundance and Money

Best Day to Practice: Thursday is all about Attraction and money

Planet: Jupiter

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Candle Colours: Blue and Green

Crystal: Turquoise and Amethyst

This is a wonderful bath you can do to attract good luck and money to you. Peel a pineapple and place the peels into a pot with 3 cinnamon sticks and 13 cloves. You can eat the fruit . Add 3 cups of water to the pot and simmer the pineapple, cinnamon and cloves on the stove on low heat for 15 minutes. Turn off the stove and let the water cool down completely. Once cool, strain into a plastic bowl or cup and dispose of the peels, cinnamon and cloves. Take the water (which will smell delicious) into the shower with you. Shower normally, pat your skin dry then standing in the shower, pour the infusion over your body (from the neck down) envisioning what you’d like to attract or just feeling abundant, grateful and lucky then allow yourself to air dry, leaving the infusion on your skin. Dress and go about your day. You will notice how easily you attract good things to you. This one works right away.

More than anything, this entry is to share a little Magick and have fun. Whether you believe in the power of spells or you don’t, they are in essence the same as setting an intention, Meditating or saying a prayer. I hope you enjoyed and can employ these.

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