The Value of Doing Less – A Social Media Detox

“What day is it?” asked Pooh.

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

“My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

On February 1st I went off of social media. I’ve done this a couple of times a year in the past. I take an entire month to re-connect with myself and do things I enjoy like reading books,  working out,  practising piano, being truly in the moment and moving slowly.  

Social media – especially now when topics that weren’t political in the past have become political – has become a battleground of opinions that people state as truths followed by a string of arguing and righteousness and cancel culture.  People who have been friends for years fighting over their stance on personal health choices.  No.  I will not take time from my life to indulge in this; I’m stepping away from other people’s drama and stepping into my very peaceful happy life.

I’m choosing reality, personal connection with those I love, practicing hobbies that keep my mind from heading down the rabbit hole social media sucks us into. 

The idea was originally to be off just for February but today is March 6th and I’m feeling no pull to plug back into that world; I’m preferring cleaning the garden for spring, taking long walks with my husband and laying in afternoon sunbeams with my kitties.  

I’ve been celebrating the Esbats (full moons) with my best friend in Spain and my sister in Texas.  Throughout the month, we agree on a day to cast a circle, call the corners and meditate and create spells for whatever it is we’re working through at that moment. 

I’m also on month 5 of the Wim Hof Method and am in the middle of the most delightful book about the life and journeys of John Muir. 

My blog about Wim Hof: .

I’ve been learning new pieces on the piano, like really sitting and studying a piece as well as re-learning pieces I loved to play in the past and have gotten rusty from not playing them in years.

I’ve been doing guided visualization every evening.  Here’s one of my favourites recently.  I always sleep deeply after meditating.

Cooking, spending quality time with my husband, watching interesting documentaries, studying Tarot, planning and booking trips to do this Summer. Being here and Now.   

It actually took me a few days to decompress from being on Social Media when I first went off. To stop the automatic pull to check Facebook or Instagram in the morning.   My brain is way more calm, focused, my stress levels have dropped. I really don’t miss knowing what so-and-so is thinking, WHO CARES! 

NOW is all we have and if we knew that we just had today to live, we’d be doing things we truly enjoy, being with people who truly matter, noticing the world around us.  And I’m truly enjoying being here. 

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