The Scandinavian Inspired Home – A Photo Essay

Minmalism is not the lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.

I love Scandinavian design; the clean lines, the organic feel, the simplicity. This weekend I had the house to myself so I gave the home a makeover inspired by my new book The Scandinavian Home.

Scandinavian design is minimalistic and serene. The idea is to create light in the home by using pale, neutral colours (like white, grey, pale blues and greens). Short days in winter are perfect for creating a warm environment with different sources of light: candles and lamps, windows with light weight shades and curtains to invite natural light in. Bright overhead/ceiling lights are a no no. An organic feel is created by using natural materials like wood, faux furs, cotton and touches of nature; plants, stones, pine cones can be collected on nature walks and placed on shelves or in bowls as a centerpiece.

This is what I did

The live edge Coffee Table adorned with a wood bowl with pinecones. A wood box with river rocks holds white tapered candles for a warm glow in the evening.

During the day blinds are open to invite natural light. After sunset candles and soft lamps go on

Light greys, whites and wood create a calm environment

Framed photos from nature walks are nice memories to keep

Plants are a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in

Scandinavian design calls for 5-7 sources of light in a space

Pinecones in wood bowls feel organic

Faux fur seat covers are cozy to relax into during a winter meal

The bar with a simple linen runner and a set of ceramic dishes

Candles handy for those dark winter evenings

Wood gives warmth – I’m loving my wood bowls

Natural wood touches in kitchen accessories. I can’t live without my wood cooking utensils. These ones are in natural bamboo

Dimmed lights and candles after dark

Washing station. One brush for plates and pots and one just for veggies

Coarse sea salt and spices in wooden containers

Light colour palette in the bedroom and fuzzy blankets and plants for an inviting space

My Little book of Hygge is a favourite

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