Unconventional Movies To Watch At Christmastime

I planned out our whole day. First, we’ll make snow angels for a two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Toll House cookie dough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle– Elf

Year in and year out, we watch all the classics; Elf, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation. You can see my original post HERE with my list of 20 Christmas Movies to watch. As much as I love watching the classics, I realize there are people don’t like or even celebrate Christmas so I’ve included here some movies that are centred more around winter; movies that aren’t readily thought of when looking for a holiday movie. Here are my Unconventional Movies to watch at Christmastime.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

I recently discovered this one and am so glad I did. Stricken with writers block, a young Charles Dickens, broke and coming out of a three book flop comes up with the idea to write a Christmas Carol 6 weeks before Christmas. With characters who come to life, this is the back story to the literary classic. We loved this one at home. On Netflix. Watch The Trailer.

Edward Scissorhands

In a castle high above a pastel coloured neighbourhood, Peggy, a local Avon saleswoman finds Edward, living alone. The inventor who created Edward died before completing him, leaving with with scissors where his hands should be. Peggy decides to bring him home then finds it’s impossible to hide Edward from her prying neighbours. When Peggy’s daughter Kim comes home she finds herself drawn to protect Edward. Not a Christmas themed movie per se, but some scenes do capture the magic of the season, the snow falling and an ice sculpture created by Edward. A modern fairy tale with a whimsical music box soundtrack . Watch The Trailer

The Night Before

This one is for adults only. The first time we watched this we had no idea what we were in for although with Seth Rogen as the writer, we figured there would be one main theme (Seth Rogan fans will know what I’m talking about). We laughed so hard through this movie. There is a sweet romantic story going on the side with Joseph Levitts character, a great cameo by Mylie Cyrus and the bond between 3 guys who are growing up and going their separate ways calls for a night of patrying! WatchThe Trailer.

Dumb & Dumber

Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels play two not-so-bright guys who find a briefcase with money and decide to return it to it’s rightful owner. Off they go on an adventure into the snowy mountains of Aspen only to find themselves in love with the same girl and so their antics begin to try to win her over all while being totally unaware there is a price on their heads and 2 mobsters are after them for the money. A snowy lodge, a hilarious snowball fight, nordic sweaters. If you don’t like typical Christmas movies, this one is winter-y. For The Trailer.

The Christmas Prince Series

When this one came out on Netflix I thought it would just be another cheesy Hallmark style movie and to be fair it is BUT there’s also something really endearing about the characters. I’ve now watched all 3 from the series and have to admit, I like them. Amber Moore is a NY journalist, sent to the fictional kingdom of Aldovia (cringe) to cover a story about the coming coronation of Prince Richard. After all interviews are cancelled and without a story, Amber manages to sneak into the palace and is mistaken for the tutor for Princess Emily. Of course she falls in love with the prince and spoiler alert: in the second one they marry and in the third film called The Royal Baby, well you can guess it works out for Amber. There’s a Christmas Market, horse drawn sleigh rides, carolers, opulent decor. I do love a good rags to riches fairy tale. For The Trailer.

The Good Witches Gift

This one’s for the whole family. The 3rd instalment to the Good Witch movies. Cassie is planning her wedding to Jake on Christmas Eve while Jake tracks down a familiar face in Middleton. Turns out it’s an ex convict who Jake put in jail many years before and it’s Jake’s job to find out what he’s doing back in town. Christmas tree trimming, baking cookies and all the warmth and magic Cassie Nightingale brings to every occasion. For The Trailer.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Centred around the Holidays with office Christmas parties and ugly Christmas sweaters, Bridget Jones in a single woman living in London who’s looking for love but finding the right person isn’t always as easy as it seems. This movie has an epic scene including some huge granny panties, a group of friends to envy and a love story and main character that make this film so heart warming. Watch The Traler.

The Snowman

The Snowman is a British Classic cartoon I discovered years ago through the UK vloggers I follow. It was nominated for an Oscar when it was released. The snowman comes to life one Christmas as a young boy is building him. It may seem sad but the writer wanted to introduce children to the concept of mortality through his film. Nothing lasts forever, not even the Snowman. It’s a beautiful short film with a lovely soundtrack. I watch it every year. Watch it below.

Little Women

This story takes us through all seasons but a lot of it is filmed during Christmastime. A classic literary piece, The March sisters navigate life on their own while their father is at war. Hardship doesn’t break their spirit of generosity and their bond and friendships is just what the Holiday Season is about. Watch The Trailer.

The Christmas Chronicles I & II

These have become part of our classic list at home. When Kate discovered Santa on her camcorder video, her and her brother set out on an adventure to help Santa deliver his gifts on time and save Christmas. Kurt Russel is Santa and Goldie Hawn in Mrs. Clause. On Netflix. Watch The Trailer

Harry Potter

Every Christmas Eve I have a Harry Potter Marathon. The Philosophers Stone goes on first and I love to enjoy the festive decor in the great hall, the coziness of the Common Room and the wintery cold at Hogsmead village. I’ve watched these so many times that I’m happy to glance at it while as I prepare a Christmas feast. If you’ve never watched this one, I suggest you cozy under a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa and lose yourself in the magic of Hogswarts. Watch The Trailer.

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

Last but not least, one of my favourites. Mr. Bean prepares to celebrate Christmas dinner with his girlfriend and spends the day shopping, conducts the Salvation Army band then steals the tree from the town square. He also gets into trouble with the turkey. Watch it below.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of unconventional movies to watch this Holiday season and if you do watch one of them I’d love to hear your review.

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