What I’ve Been Loving in June & July (2021)

Summer is always a fun time for beauty and fashion. Lot’s of new launches and July is my birthday month so there’s lot’s of decisions to make: “what should I get myself from my wish list?”. I have a wish list on all my favourite retailers so it’s a tough choice #spoiled. Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying during these warm (at times scorching) Summer months.

Cupshie bathing suits 

Cupshie is an online bathing suit shop. They sell mainly through Amazon. I’m a bit afraid to recommend this shop only because the reviews are literally 50/50. That said, I really love the bikini’s I got and have had no problems; they arrived on time, fit perfectly, the stitching was perfect, despite many reviews saying the opposite. I always gently wash my suits by hand so mine have not come apart like some reviews said theirs did. The price was right too. Any bikini I’ve seen (on Billabong or Swimco) start at $50+ for just a top or bottom. In any case, shop at your own discretion. These are the bikinis I got. They cost $32 each.

CUPSHE Women’s Floral Print Knot Adjustable Bikini Sets Two Piece Bathing Suit

CUPSHE Women’s Fresh Leaves Printing Cross Padding Bikini Set

New in Makeup: The Buxom Ash K Holm Eyeshadow Palette & Clarins Milky Boost 

During the Summer my makeup changes to glowing, tanned, bronzy skin. Both these products are perfect for this. Clarins Milky Boost is a light weight face lotion that comes out of the bottle white then changes to a light tan when it hits your skin. It looks natural and deposits a hint of tint while letting your skin show through. I’ve been wearing it every day with just a few dots of concealer under my eyes for a fresh face look. For reference, I use # 4 – Auburn https://www.clarins.ca/en/milky-boost/80060648.html

The new Buxom by Ash K Holm Eye Shadow Palette is a wonderful balance of neutrals with bright pops of colour both for the more conservative makeup lover and the adventurous. The light matt shades are good for contouring the eye while the metallic purples, blue and gold really pop for a special occasion or night out. An easy palette to take from Summer into Fall.

Book : Heart of the Raincoast

I really love where I live. The Pacific Northwest has so much spirit; tumultuous seas, violent weather and fog and a deep history of our First Nations people. This is the story of Billy Proctor, a man born and raised in Echo Bay in the Broughton Archipelago. He spent most of his life as a commercial fisherman and logger. The book focuses mainly on his life but also touches on the very important subject of conservation. Having lived on the coast since the 1930’s, Billy’s seen the decline in Salmon, the most important species that sustains the wildlife that live in this remote corner of the world. Logging and fish farms have done so much harm and this book brings to light how very important it is that we continue challenging our government to protect this beautiful ecosystem, one of, if not the most important on our planet.

L’oreal 8 Minute Wonder Water

I really don’t understand the ‘science’ behind this product but I do know it works. Pour 20 mls (the bottle has the measurements printed on it) into your hand, apply to just-washed hair. Lamellar water (the principal ingredient in this treatment) heats on contact and sinks into hair. Leave on for 8 minutes and rinse. Follow with your regular hair conditioner or mask. The result? really soft shiny hair. I don’t know! just try it.

Amazon Wish List

These are some of the random things currently on my Amazon Wish List. Maybe I’ll get one of these for my birthday (hint hint).

The ROWNYEON Makeup Bag Organizer . This one’s self explanatory. I have a LOT of makeup. A few organizers would free up much needed cupboard and counter space in my bathroom.

The Swissmar Sierra 11-Piece Cast Iron Fondue Set (Cherry). I haven’t had Fondue since I was a kid. My parents had one and as soon as I saw this one, visions of a cozy winter’s eve with friends sitting around the table laughing and dipping croutons and mini carrots into melted cheese came to mind. I must be getting old but this makes me seriously excited.

The Hilife, Handheld Garment Clothing, Mini Travel Steamer. I make it a point to buy clothes that don’t wrinkle or at least I pull them out as soon as the dryer stops and hang them so I can avoid ironing. I still have a few pieces of clothing that need a little help. I worked at a clothing store one summer where my only job was to stand at the back of the store and steam clothes. You’d think it would be mind numbingly boring but as an introvert who can’t handle small talk with random strangers, being in charge of steaming the clothes unattended (and not having to speak to customers) was strangely relaxing. In any case, I need a steamer.

Ombra Eucalyptus and Lemongrass Body Scrub

I bought this on a whim because it was on sale at Shoppers Drugmart and I really enjoy Ombra’s Bubble Baths (especially the Juniper fragrance) and I use their Chamomile deodorant. The fresh combination of Eucalyptus and Lemongrass in this aromatic scrub makes it great for summer. It’s more of a shower gel but it does have good scrubbing action and is a nice wake me up scent for the morning.

Sunbum SPF 30 Lip Balm in Watermelon

We all know that the sun is our skin’s worst enemy. I wear SPF 60 on my face, neck, chest and hands 365 days a year but for some bizarre reason I only though about my lips last month when we spent an entire day on a lake and the next day my lips felt like I’d scrubbed them with salt. I stocked up on these the very next day and now use it under my lipstick or gloss every day. This is the highest SPF I was able to find in a lip balm, the watermelon scent is so summer-y. Hopefully it’s not to late to reverse any lines and wrinkles that are planning to appear around my mouth in the coming years. Never again burnt lips.

This concludes another Faves entry. If you enjoy these and better yet, if you have any products you think I should try (or feature) then drop me a line. I love hearing from you!

Until next time.



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