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A recent walk after the rain took me back (if only in my mind) to Paris. Something about the fresh ozone scent in the Spring air reminded me of the feeling I get when I use French skincare. Clean, free of heavy scents and packed with ingredients that work, it’s no wonder French woman are loyal to these products.

Photo by Jennifer Pedraza Richardson

Step into any French Pharmacy in Paris and you’ll find all the top brands; Vichy, Caudalie, Klorane, Bioderma, Uriage, to name a few. The old fashion feel of the Pharmacy seems intimate and the fact that the pharmacists in store are more than willing to step out from behind the counter to share all their knowledge with you makes the experience a personal one.

Photo by Jennifer Pedraza Richardson

I wrote another blog on the French Pharmacy; this is an updated one. French Pharmacy products make up most of my skin care. This is what’s currently in my collection.

To read my past entry:

Photo by Jennifer Pedraza Richardson


Avene was created for very sensitive skin. I keep it on hand for days when I’ve been heavy handed with my Retin-A and feel like my skin is inflamed. Every product in this line is scent-free and oh so gentle. I use the Eau Thermale (mineral packed water face mist) and the Soothing Radiance Cream Mask. Both these products calm my skin down quickly, great products to use on days you’ve had too much sun.


I bought my first bottle of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir in Paris during our honeymoon. It was June and every time we’d get back to the hotel after a long day of walking and feeling heated, a spritz of this face mist felt so relaxing, like a mini spa session. Infused with essential oils like Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Rose and Mint, I now use it when I get home from work or my skin needs a pick-me-up. It will always remind me of Paris.


I’ve mentioned this brand in a few of my past favourites. The Micellar Water is the best for removing makeup including waterproof. The Autobronzant (Tanning spray) is purchased in bulk Spring through Summer. It give me the perfect tan; never orange.


Clarins has so many products I love. I use their makeup and quite a few of their skincare products. The Hydrating Toner is one I keep on hand. Alcohol free and packed with ingredients sourced from the ocean like kelp, sea water and chlorella, it’s gentle on skin. The SOS Hydra Refreshing mask came with me on our flight to Europe. It’s colourless so no one could tell I’d slathered my face with it during the flight. I’m also loving the new ReCharge Mask. It’s meant to be an overnight mask but I put it on my skin before jumping into the shower then let the steam help it sink into my skin before rinsing it off.


Uriage has a old-time pharmacy feel to it. I think it’s the gentle medicinal fragrance the products have. Some may not love it but I feel like I’m using something that’s really working. I always keep a bottle of the cleansing milk. Nothing fancy, just a gentle cleanser that removes makeup and leaves skin feeling soft.


Every French woman has this simple face cream in their cupboard. Supermodels, famous makeup artists and myself (haha) keep this rich cream in our collection at all times. It is great as a deep moisturizer (which is how I used it to buffer my Retin-A) or a light layer works well as a makeup primer.


I’ve included this wonderful Shampoo because I’ve used it many times before and have just ordered another bottle. It’s on it’s way. Klorane Peony Soothing Shampoo is meant for sensitive scalps. I use it for the wonderful light floral scent.

Are there any French Pharmacy products you use or can recommend?



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