Online Shopping Sites (You May Have Never Heard Of)

Today I wanted to share some great online shopping sites that I’ve used and that may be new to you. It’s always good to know if an online shop is trust worthy as I’ve been close to ordering on a few sites a few time only to remember to first google the reviews and read terrible experiences from shoppers who never received their orders and sites that have no customer service (so no one to contact when you order never arrives).

There are a couple of sites mentioned that I have not shopped on yet but are highly recommended by Youtubers I’ve followed for years ( like the Oil Perfumery and Lily&Bean). The other sites I’m sharing are ones I’ve ordered from.

Oil Perfumery

The Oil Perfumery is a Canadian site that will blend a roll-on bottle for you inspired by one of your favourite designer fragrances. I discovered this site through Niki Sky on Youtube who lives in Toronto and has used this site for inspired-by fragrances like Chanel No 5, Dolce&Gabbana, Givenchy etc. I’ve loved Chanel Sicamore perfume forever; a unisex scent including Vetiver essential oil (on of my favourites). If the reviews are true and this blend is exactly like the Chanel version, I will SO be purchasing this in the future. The price tag on the original is over $200 so for $20, I’m willing to take a chance.

Zero UV 

Zero UV is an American site that sells sunglasses. All of their glasses are under $15 and are better quality than you’d imagine. I purchased an oversized cat-eye pair (very similar to ones originally designed by Chloe) for $10. If you think about it, most sunglasses are either plastic, metal or Acetate. The only difference is the designer ones carry the logo which immediately ups the price. I’ll save my money and continue to purchase through this shop.

 Violet Grey 

Tucked in a quiet courtyard on Melrose Place (West Hollywood) is Violet Grey. A unique beauty shopping experience, the shop has been carefully curated with hard-to-find skincare and makeup lines such as Westman Atelier, Victoria Beckham Beauty and Vintner’s Daughter to name few. Entering the shop can seem intimidating as it looks like you’d need a personal shopper in tow but apparently they encourage people to have a seat in one of their luxurious couches and take in fragrances, cosmetics and haircare products. I’ve been dying to try Gucci Westman’s glorious looking cream blushes. Until I get to go there in person, it’ll have to be online only.

Nail Polish Canada

I like to do my own manicure. A pedicure I’ll pay for but I find doing my nails very relaxing. I have all the right tools and products and take the time to set up my iPad and watch a movie or catch up on my fave make-up gurus on Youtube. I have a pretty large nail polish collection but last summer I got into neon nails. Somehow I couldn’t find real neon shades at the local drugstores close to home, like 80’s flourescent yellows and green a la Billie Eilish . Nail Polish Canada is in Burnaby, they carry literally any brand you can imagine (including vegan & clean lines) and you are guaranteed to find the colours you want. They ship super fast if you’re in the greater Vancouver area; you can even create a wish list.

E Salon

One of the biggest changes I had to make very quickly when Covid hit was to do my own “maintenance”. Usually I’d pay for someone to do my nails, hair colour and eyebrows. E Salon has been a saviour. An online subscription box, they hook you up with a professional colourist who will send you a very in -depth questionnaire (seriously, it’s like 5 pages long). You also need to send them photos of yourself. Your personal colourist will then mix your hair colour and send you your kit (gloves, brush, stain remover, everything you nee) and clear instruction on how to either colour you entire hair or just cover grays (which is what I do). You can change your colour at any time (darker, lighter, whatever you need) and your colourist will answer your emails and questions usually in under 48 hours. You can also set up how often you receive your colour (every 8 weeks is working for me). They have great how-to videos on their website. I’m a happy member.

Lily & Bean Personalized Canvas Totes

I discovered this company through Amelia Liana who I follow on Youtube & Instagram. I love big bags and I cannot lie! Lol. Roomy canvas totes that you can monogram with your initials and fit everything in. You can also personalize the colours that go on the stripes or keep it simple.

Vici Dolls

My fashion motto is: invest in good shoes and accessories ( jewelry and bags). The rest of my wardrobe is a mix of shops like Asos, H&M, Zara, Mango and Vici. I’ve never risked shopping on a site I’m not familiar with but when I found Vici through an ad on Pinterest, I went on the site, made sure they were a real North American brand (they are from L.A. and have 2 brick and mortar stores). So I took the risk for all of woman-kind and can tell you that they are 100% trustworthy. Vici in a Boho inspired clothing line; beautiful floral dresses, boots, hats. I’ve made a few orders since discovering them and have never had to send anything back. They’ve replaced my Asos addiction and have great sales. You will have to pay import charges once in a while but they will email you any time they have a good sale or free shipping to Canada.

Back Porch Bees

Located in Delta BC, Back Porch Bees is a home-based business. The lady who owns Back Porch is a neighbour of my sister-in-law. This past year for Christmas she gifted me honey, soaps and beeswax candles, all made from this lady’s backyard hives. If you have ever purchased beeswax candles you will know that they can be pricey; they’re totally worth it though: Beeswax candles burn clean (no smoke or black soot), they clean the air because they emit negative ions, they don’t drip and smell amazing. Back Porch Bees has really good prices on all their products and they’re local!. You do have to pick up your orders though (hopefully she’ll set up shipping soon). I still think it’s worth it.

Juniper Ridge

I’ve been in love with this shop for well over 10 years. The concept and the high quality products they make is any outdoorsy/forest lover’s dream. Fragrances distilled from wild harvested brush sage from the sierras of Northern California or body wash infused in Western Red Cedar, these products are unisex and transport you to the wilderness. Stop into their site if only for their Trail Notes blog to learn more about this group of passionate herbalist. Some of the oils they sell are literally distilled onsite (as in, in the middle of the forest immediately after collecting the raw material)

Happy Shopping!



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