Random Things I’ve Been In To

My attention is easily distracted by too many options. This is why I only shop online; so that I can focus on exactly what I need without 20 other things calling for me to pay them attention. There’s always something I’m “in to”. These change as soon as the next moon phase moves in; I am a Cancer after all. These are some of the things I’ve been in to recently.


Makeup Geek has the option to create your own eyeshadow palette. How hadn’t I seen this before? It’s such a great idea because lets be honest, how many of us use every single colour in an eyeshadow palette. And how many eyeshadow palettes do I own that I bought for maybe 1-2 shades. There are 4 pan and 9 pan options, then you just go in and choose the colours you like. Finally a palette you know you’re going to use 100%. Loves it! here’s the one I’m creating. I want 10 https://www.makeupgeek.com/products/create-your-own-palette $38

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile 

I haven’t found a fragrance that I really loved for years. I’ve been wearing Casmir by Chopard, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and Happy by Clinique for 20 years. I recently got a sample of this fragrance, wow. It’s rose (but not your grandmother’s rose). It’s deep and spicy almost carnation and cinnamon like. Delicious. My husband bought it for me for Valentine’s Day.

Yin Yoga Classes Online

A few weeks ago I woke up with intense pain on the left side of my upper back. By pain, I mean shooting down my arm into my thumb, shooting into my collar bone… can’t breathe pain. This pain lasted 2 weeks and would not go away not even with a LOT of pain killers, baths, ice. It seems I had a rib “out” and it was pinching a nerve. The worst for me was not being able to do my daily yoga. I like power yoga, fast moving yoga, push-ups, downward dogs and poses that make me feel strong. Nothing more humbling than pain. Enter Yin Yoga. Yin is slow deep stretching. Holding a simple stretch for 2 minutes while laying on the floor. I found this one on Youtube. A good one for beginners or for before bed when you don’t want to feel wired.

BuzzFeed’s Unsolved

I’m very interested in both True Crime and Paranormal topics. Usually the shows I watch are quite serious and go out of their way to prove ghosts are real. BuzzFeed has a show called Unsolved and while they take a serious look into some of the most famous true crime cases and visit famous haunted locations, the hosts Ryan and Shane are huge goofs. Ryan Bergara is a true believer (he’s also terrified of any sound or movement he thinks is a ghost). Shane on the other hand is a skeptic, believes nothing except for science (and loves to provoke demons). The result is two dudes ghost hunting and sharing theories on crime stories. Before this show, it never occurred to me that the Zodiac Killer could be funny. Somehow these dudes will have you laughing through murder! Some of my favourite episodes are The Bizarre Voodoo World of New Orleans, The Horrifying Murders of the Zodiac Killer and The Macabre Death of Edgar Allen Poe. They’re all on Youtube.

Singapore Sling Cocktail 

We’ve been loving watching Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix. Phil Rosenthal was a writer for many years for shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, he’s even married to Monica Rosenthal who starred in the show. Each episode Phil travels to exotic locations and eats….And eats and eats. I can’t watch this show at night or I get hungry and start craving french fries as midnight. He’s quite the character. Watch any episode and you’ll know what I mean by: he has the face of a really mischievous 4 year old. During one of the last episodes we watched, he travelled to Singapore. What a city. Every since watching Crazy Rich Asians, I’ve wanted to go (me and everyone else who watched the movie). The Singapore Sling has Gin, Grand Marnier, Pineapple Juice, Cherry and Herbal liqueurs. Right up my…. alley.

Bling Empire

Cattiness, Drama, Shallow-ness, Back Stabbing… everything I can’t stand is why I have never (well since Paris Hilton’s The Simple life ended in 2007) liked reality shows. I threw this on one night while I was home alone and was having a bubble bath. I bring my iPad and place it on my bath caddy and catch up on shows. Bling Empire is about some of the wealthiest asians living in L.A. Their idea of shopping is attending fashion week and splurging on a $120 thousand dollar dress. Their idea of going to dinner is hopping on a private jet to Paris and having dinner at the Ritz 10 hours later. Baby G is 9 months old and has more designer in his wardrobe than you can ever dream of. Anna Shay inherited more than 600 million when her father died. If your curious how the other half live, this is the show.

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