Things I’ve Been Loving In November

I hope you’re all doing very well. These are the things I’ve been loving in November

What’s In My Makeup Bag

I am a collector of makeup. I approach makeup like any artist would painting. I love being creative and I love how makeup can not only transform my appearance but how I feel. It’s important to me how I present myself to the world. I have makeup I use everyday, mostly drugstore, some high end and then there’s the makeup I purchase that are either cult favourites or launches that were highly anticipated. These are collections I rarely have used if at all. I would have to say blush and bronzer are my favourite. These are some products I own that I’ve recently decided to use especially with the Holiday’s coming. I read something that rang true: Why are we waiting for something to happen in order to wear that expensive perfume we keep in a drawer for “special occasions”?. Why wait to buy that sweater you’ve been eyeing for months? Why keep that pretty nightgown for when you’re at a hotel?. Basically it was about not waiting for things to be better or different in order to enjoy the things we have and the things we deserve. Anyway, Im getting all philosophical now but my point is, why am I keeping this makeup exactly? these are some of my very favourites in my collection and I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy them, guilt free.

Netflix Original Christmas Movies

I love watching all the classic Christmas movies and in the last 2 years Netflix has come out with a few that have been added to my yearly list. I met Vanessa Hudgens years ago and have been a fan of hers so when her movies The Princess Switch and the second instalment Switched Again came out I had to watch them. Yes they’re filled with all the cheesiness of a Hallmark movie but I still loved them. I watch movies for all kinds of reasons; Christmas movies, I watch to feel the excitement and magic of the season and the ones here have it all: Snow, lodges, christmas trees, shopping, love, family. Another series Netflix put out a few years back was The Christmas Prince. They’re on the 3rd movie. I love them all!

Mulline Spices

A warm cup of Mulled Wine is comforting on a cold night. Tonight we’ll be trimming our Christmas tree. The house is filled with the fresh scent of the live spruce we brought home earlier and the kitties are mesmerized. Merlin buries his face deep into the boughs and sniffs the forest. I found this brand of mulling spices a few weeks ago; a great find as I usually either buy the spices individually or have only ever found very small tins. A heaping Tablespoon is enough for mulling an entire bottle of red wine. These spices can also be used to do mulled apple cider. We’ll put on some Christmas classics and enjoy a cup garnished with orange slices and cinnamon sticks. Skol!

Christmas books

How did I not know these existed before? My favourite Christmas movies are ELF and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. These books are illustrated by a Canadian artist and follow the stories of Buddy the Elf and Kevin McCallister. I have a large collection of children’s books I loved when I was a kid. These are for the child in my heart. As soon as I saw them I clicked buy without hesitation. I also purchase Home Alone and am so enjoying reading and re-reading them.

Philosophy French Vanilla Bean

This silky shower gel smells like warm sweet vanilla cupcakes with butter icing. There’s even a recipe to follow on the bottle! Something about the holiday season pulls me toward all the yummy scents of baking and memories of the warmth of the kitchen (my favourite room in my home). I’m not a baker so this is a good alternative to my sweet tooth…and it’s zero calories.

6 Pack Reusable Cotton Christmas Gift Bags

This has been the year for appreciating what we have and for simplifying. One way to keep things easy and planet friendly is by skipping the wasteful paper this Christmas and wrapping gifts in these re-usable bags. Made of 100% cotton, these come in different sizes and patterns and are machine washable. Find them on Etsy or if you’re machine saavy, sew some up yourself!

As always, thanks for joining me. I hope you’ve enjoyed my favourites for this month.

Until next time.



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