September Faves – The Perfect Fall Nail Polish, Vegan Snacks and Time Travel (?)

It’s finally Autumn, isn’t it wonderful?! On Sunday I took a long drive up by the University of British Columbia. The campus trees are already turning in colour, the sun was shining and down by Spanish Banks, people were jogging along the seawall, families were picnic-ing and Fall is in the air. Two more sleeps ’til October but first, what I’ve loved in September.


If you’re not familiar with Tahini it is a paste made with sesame seeds. It’s a favourite in every Vegan cupboard because of it’s high protein content as well as being high in Magnesium, B Vitamins, Vitamin E and Iron. It can be eaten straight out of the jar, I love it smeared on apple slices. I also use it to make creamy salad dressings and although you won’t notice the flavour, a good dollop in soups like my Butternut Squash soup adds to the creamy texture and Vitamin content of the dish.

Ear Cuffs

I’ve thought of getting a few more piercings in my ears but haven’t quite committed. I really like the look of multiple small hoops. In the meantime I’ve been wearing these ear cuffs from H&M. For $10 I got a pack of 5 different hoops and I’ve been pairing 1 or 2 with my regular gold hoops I wear in my actual piercing.

St Tropez Self Tan Purity Serum

I like to have a bit of a sun kissed glow all year. Not necessarily a dark tan but just a hint of colour gives my skin a pick-me-up. This serum is lightweight and can be applied before bed for a subtle hint of a tan by morning. I put it on my face, neck and chest (and use Jergens tanning body lotion on the rest of my body). I feel like when my skin looks healthy, I need less makeup. This serum also has Vitamins C & E and smells like summer.

Vici Collection

I’ve been looking for a Boho inspired clothing store because I’ve always loved Free People but honestly, they’re not cheap. I usually wait until the sales to purchase anything from Free People. I kept seeing really pretty Boho dresses recently on Pinterest with the same link to a shop in L.A. called Vici Collection. I’ve never shopped from any Pinterest ads before but I’m happy I did. Their clothing is exactly the style I’ve been searching for AND the as they say, the price is right, I ordered 3 dresses. They are gorgeous! This is what I ordered. They arrived within a week and I didn’t have to pay any shipping or customs because they took care of it. The fabrics are great quality (no polyester) and look a lot more expensive than what I paid for them.

Gilmore Girls on Netflix

I never watched The Gilmore Girls back in the day but had read so many good reviews. I mean it must have done well since after 7 seasons (and the show ending), Netflix picked it up again for a reunion season. While my husband was away recently I thought I’d try watching it and so I went back to the very first episode which aired 20 years ago. As someone who loves cheesy shows like Men in Trees, The Good Witch on Hallmark and the Netflix movies The Christmas Prince (let it go, it’s my thing) Gilmore Girls is perfect; it’s always Autumn or Christmas in Stars Hollow, the quaint little town where Lorelei and Rory live. Breakfast coffees at the local diner, everyone knows one another and Friday night dinners at the grandparents home. I’m already nearing the end of the second season and it’s giving me all the warm and fuzzy feels I was hoping for.

Essie Polish in Seize the Minute

For the longest time I’ve been envisioning the perfect Fall red nail polish and every time I’d think I had found it, I’d get home only to realize that once on it was either too brown, too burgundy or too red. Not anymore!, Essie’s new Expressie in Seize the Minute it the PERFECT true brick-red shade I’ve been after. It makes me so happy. I’m going to be wearing it until December when the bright reds and glitters come out. I don’t know if these photos even do it justice (it looks more red here) but it really is brick red with the perfect balance of red and brown.

Quantum Jumping

I’ve practiced meditation for over 25 years and like to experiment with different kinds. I’ve done transcendental meditation, guided meditation and a few years back heard of Quantum Jumping through a youtube video. I love the concept of it; basically you travel into the future. You get to create what your life will look like and everything that implies (where you’ll live, work, your relationships) and you jump, just like that, into your future reality and hang out there for a while getting acquainted. It’s said that the brain doesn’t know the difference between what you are living in “reality” or what you are imaging (which is why you can think of something that’s not even happening right now, say something “bad” from the past and your body will react as if it were happening in the present). So it’s believed that if you go to your future life in the mind, you will create it in your reality. I don’t know whether it works or not but I thoroughly enjoy going there…god I’d in good shape in the future!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my September faves and thank you as always for joining me. If there’s anything you think I need to try, drop me a line!

Until next time.



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