A Perfect Sunday

“If your Sunday doesn’t involve wine & yoga pants you’re doing it wrong.”

I am cozied up on the couch under a blanket about to watch some Celebrity Ghost Stories. I love a good ghost story; The episodes with Joan Rivers and Marilyn Manson are a couple of my favourites.  I am having the perfect lazy Sunday.  (Play the video above and get into the Sunday mood).


After a good sleep-in this morning I made a vegan brunch of Tofu Scramble, baked beans, avocado on toast and oven roasted tomatoes.  It seemed like a lot of food but it would be our only meal until dinner.  If you are vegan (or allergic to eggs like my husband), this recipe is so easy and tastes just as good as eggs.  I take a block of firm tofu and place it in a preheated pan with olive oil and chopped green onion. I mash it up with a potato masher and cook for a about 3 minutes until any left-over water from the tofu evaporates.  Then I add salt, pepper, 2 Tblsp of Nutritional Yeast, garlic powder, 1/4 tsp of Tumeric and stir that into the tofu.  I then add 2 Tblsp of unsweetened Almond Milk and cook for a minute more and serve right away.  Tofu has the same consistency of eggs so I can’t even tell the difference.  It’s so good.


Lounging in bed is a must for any perfect Sunday,  the kitties nearby and some jazzy tunes in the background.  I’ve been catching up on books I got last Christmas and why not? , planning for this Christmas.  There are so many great party ideas in this Christmas Cottage book, I’m taking mental notes for my Winter Solstice Dinner I host each year.  I’m about 1/2 way through The Haunting of Vancouver Island.  So many stories set in places I’ve visited many times makes it much more interesting. I worked in Fan Tan Alley in Victoria for a year (many years ago).  Being one of the last shops to close at night, I was the key holder in charge of closing the gate.  I always felt like I needed to look over my shoulder when night fell in the Alley. After reading one of the stories in my book, I think that feeling of not being alone was merited.


A Yoga session to ease stiffness.  Merlin hears the matt roll out and joins in. He’s mostly just in the way but we encourage exercise in this household haha.


After a long relaxing shower it’s time for skincare and makeup. Doing my make-up is relaxing to me, I don’t know why, I guess it’s a time where I can pamper myself uninterrupted while also being creative; like a painter choosing colours.  This cloudy day is for tights and a light knit sweater. A ponytail kind of day.


I’m feeling the Autumn vibes already.  I’ll soon be doing an updated Autumn wardrobe haul with a few pieces I’ve added for the cooler months ahead.  For now I will settle for a Fall inspired manicure.  Brick orange nails courtesy Essie’s “Yes I Canyon” shade.


The fairy lights in the kitchen give corners filled with cook books and spices a cozy feel. A candle smells of earthy sandalwood and rosewood.  Dinner will be mushroom gnocchi in white wine sauce tonight.

I had planned to go for a long walk today but there’s a chill in the air and I can smell the rain coming so I am sitting tight.


What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday?


Whatever you do,  I hope your’s has been as wonderfully relaxing as mine.

Until next time,



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