August Favourites: Mushroom Hot Chocolate, Travel Minis & Bum Bum Cream(?)

Hello! how’s your summer gone so far?  August is coming to an end which means it’s time to share my faves for the month. So lets get right to it shall we?.

Saltspring Island “Yoga” Candle

Saltspring is part of the Gulf Island chain that dot the straight of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and the Mainland.  Famous for being a haven to artists and it’s Saturday Market, the Saltspring Island Candle company fits in perfectly with the artisanal vibes.  Recently I’ve been loving the Yoga candle; a blend of Amyris, Sandalwood and Frangipani, if you’re a lover of Nag Champa, you’ll love this candle.  They were 50% off at London Drugs this month.  I picked up a few including their Sitka candle, a favourite of mine in the Fall.


French Mules

You may be familiar with the Moscow Mule but have you had a French Mule? The difference is the Moscow has Vodka and the French is Brandy based. It’s a sweet drink to sip slowly before dinner but take them seriously, they are still strong in spite of their sweet gingery flavour.
For 2 servings :
60 mls (2 shot glasses) Brandy
60 Mls Lime Juice
30 mls Agave Syrup or simple syrup
6 dashes of Orange Bitters
Shake then serve over ice topped up with Ginger Beer

Sol de Janeiro Perfume and Bum Bum Cream

For my birthday last month I was able to choose a free gift on Sephora.  I was curious about this brazilian bum bum cream that every vlogger has been talking about for the past year so I chose that. I’m glad I did!  A sweet blend of Caramel, Pistachio and Vanilla, it’s a gourmand (like me) fragrance lovers dream.  The body cream is more of a light whipped body butter but not greasy at all. It’s very nice and immediately takes me to the beach when I wear it.  I loved it so much I ordered the body mist. Rio, take me away!


Arm&Hammer detergent

This is a weird one I know but for many years I’ve only ever bought unfragranced, all-natural clothing detergent because of my eczema.  Things seem to have sorted themselves out with my skin (thank goodness) and during my last big shop I saw this detergent on sale. I like that it’s designed to wash clothes in cold water too (got to do what we can for our planet), so I picked 2 bottles up.  I’m kind of embarrassed to say this but I’m obsessed Lol! it smells so good.  The fragrance is very subtle but once in a while I’ll be in bed a catch a whiff of what I can only describe as a soft Sandalwood-like scent. Recently while wilderness camping, I took one of our freshly washed blankets to use in the our truck bed, the scent made me feel like home.  Detergent, this is what excites me these days…sigh.


Nexxus Scalp scrub

Most of us have used a body scrub at some point to get soft glowing skin.  As a self-tanner I’m never without it but -did you know that there’s a new trend: The Scalp Scrub.  Yeah, a scrub for your scalp that sloughs away grease and dirt and dead skin….kinda gross I know.  Try this, you’ll never realize how much you needed this until you do.  There is no way Shampoo could ever make your hair and scalp feel so clean.  And once your hair is cleansed of all the gunk, your shampoo and hair conditioner work so much better.


Bag of Minis For Travelling

One thing I love about shopping online with Sephora and Shoppers Drugmart especially, is that they always include between 3-5 free samples with every order. Not only is it a great way to try out new products before committing to purchasing a full size but I save them in a big Clarin’s travel bag I have and take them with me when I’m on the road.  I don’t bother lugging around full sized bottles of shampoo and body lotion and skin care; if I’m going to be away for a weekend, I grab a few minis, pop them in my overnight bag and I’m good to go.


 Reishi Mushroom Cacao Mix

What’s better than a delicious, sweet cup of hot chocolate?  Hot Chocolate with medicinal properties that’s what!  Four Sigmatic has come out with this amazing guilt-free Cacao mix.  Each packet has 500mg of Organic Reishi Mushroom which if you didn’t know has immune boosting properties as well as helping with your mood and blood pressure and so many other great benefits.  Whenever I’m in the mood for a before-bed hot choc I mix up a pack with 1 cup of warm Almond milk and a drizzle of manuka honey…mmm mmm. So good.  It’s also a really low calorie snack which is always good.

As always, thank you for joining me.
Until next time.

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