A Rainy Day Indoors, Blackberry Pancakes & Ghost Stories From Vancouver Island.

“All was silent as before, all silent save the dripping rain.”

Special Weather Statement

Issued at 11:01 Friday 21 August 2020

Heavy downpours are likely today over the south coast.

An upper disturbance embedded in a southwest flow of moist, unstable air will move across the south coast today. Consequently, widespread showers and isolated embedded thunderstorms are in store through much of the day.

A few heavy downpours could give rainfall rates of 15 to 20 mm within one hour, particularly near the North Shore Mountains. Localized flooding can be expected with these rainfall rates.



I awoke to heavy rain falling, hitting the windows. We stayed up quite late last night watching the finale of our favourite show ALONE.  I snuck out of bed before my husband and mixed up a batch of blackberry pancakes in the kitchen. From the window all I could see was mist obscuring the city; the communal garden down below was getting a good watering.


After making my blackberry cordial 2 weeks ago I still had enough berries to freeze 3 big bags. Adding them frozen to the pancake batter helped make them extra juicy.  For my Blackberry Cordial Recipe:



After breakfast I spent some time tidying up the pantry. We created a second pantry in our large storage room off the kitchen when the pandemic first hit.  It wasn’t clear how long it would take for things to come available at the shops again and seeing empty shelves was unsettling.  Being the worry-wart I am however, I did 2 hefty shops the first week of March and was able to stock essentials like pastas, legumes, flour, oats, quinoa, tostadas, jars of salsa, oils, vinegars and nutritional yeast. I like “shopping” my own pantry when I’m low on something in the kitchen and the majority of our meals while camping last week were out of what we already had in store.

I got a special delivery this morning; a book I ordered with ghost stories and legends from Vancouver Island. I lived on the island for 2 years back in 2004. There are so many stories about hauntings. During the month of October there are ghost walks in the cemeteries, the Six mile Pub holds a dinner with stories shared by a local historian. But aside from the city, the island holds a lore of tales that spring from the foggy stormy coasts and fishing villages nestled in the bays that dot the Northern island. I think I’ll run a bath with spruce and cedar essential oils and get into it.


This is my PNW Coast map in my kitchen. I like to research new place to visit then book it and go!  My next stops will be Bamfield, Cape Scott and Telegraph Cove


I would love to own a home on the westside of the island. The Winter storms are fierce and the connection with wildlife, nature and it’s spirits is everywhere. Meanwhile I’m happy perched in my cozy apartment, high above the city with views of the misty mountains and the boats moving around the inlet.0C4DFB55-062B-4362-B8EC-2558444979CD

How do you like to spend rainy days?

Until next time.



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  1. Lupe Pedraza says:

    I love days like that too. Here it was very quiet on Sunday morning.
    But last night’s storm , that was another story! Wow the wind trees shaking and extremely hard rain falling on the roof, made for a great background sleep noise.

    1. I love falling asleep to the sound of the rain too. Luckily, here on the coast, we get lots of it 🙂

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