Sephora #LipStories – $10 Lipsticks Try-on Haul

“I don’t wear makeup for others the same way I don’t decorate my house for others.
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Today I wanted to share a little discovery I came across while browsing through Sephora.  These are not new, in fact they were launched in 2017 yet here I am just noticing them.  I’ll admit, my visits to Sephora are usually for the higher-end makeup brands I can’t find at my local drugstore so I’ve rarely paid attention to the Sephora in-house line of products. I love to be pleasantly surprised and in fact was very much so last summer when looking for a tinted moisturizer and the makeup artist who was helping me suggested I try the Sephora brand Matte Perfection Tinted Moisturizer; It’s one I reach for a lot ever since.

The #LipStories is a collection of 30 shades that range from Matte, to Cream to Metallic Finishes.  I honestly don’t find a big difference in the feel of the Matte to the Cream (IMO they’re both creamy) lipsticks. I generally enjoy making my eyes the centre of attention when doing my makeup (more than my lips) so the colours I purchased are rich in colour but still neutral if that makes sense.   These are the ones I purchased. Oh and did I mention they’re $10! Hello! Go get a bunch.


Brunch Date

Brunch date is a creamy butterscotch shade that will go with any eye makeup and skin tone.  I love that the packaging of these lipsticks are in recyclable cardboard too. The picture is of a French style bistro. Truly an easy shade to wear in the daytime and one I’ll gravitate to for a fresh Sunday Morning Brunch Date look.



Oui is a lovely nude with a hint of natural pink; My lips “but better” shade.  A fresh Spring/Summer colour, subtle but with a pop.  I’m envisioning a garden wedding makeup look. Yes please.


Spring Break

Spring Break is such a nice shade. A bright pink yet still neutral.  Easy to take from a day to night look.  I think of all the shades I got, this one suits me best. What do you think?

8BB0F494-F0C1-49C7-8BF3-F47A05696A69NOSE FICX

Hong Kong By Night

Hong Kong by Night is stunning.  Definitely a rich almost brick metallic colour.  Reddish Orange undertones.  This colour would go great with a gold eyeshadow for a night out. Even with a simple cat eye to let the lips be the centre of attention.  Like no other shade in my collection.

5E1A5511-829B-4AAC-9F1C-EBD361C6B30BHOngKongBy NIGht

Labyrinth City

Labyrinth City screams Autumn to me. Paired with big dark shades and chunky oatmeal coloured turtleneck;  I just want to wear this colour and walk under an October sunshine with crunching leaves underfoot. It’s brown but not boring.  I’ve been looking for a shade like this for a long time. Alas!

0B6A90AC-D04D-4D00-88B1-3386F44E0FC2Labrynth City

With 30 shades I’m sure you will find something you’ll love.  If you like creamy, satin finish lipsticks, these are for you.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my try-on haul today. For $10 I can say these give any of my designer brand lipsticks a run for their money.  Good job Sephora.



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