What I’m Loving In July – 2020 Edition

7 pm and finally a little reprieve from the oppressive heat wave we’ve been having.  Every window is open, the fan is going.  Soon the sun will set and the cool evening breeze will start to blow through the windows filling the home with a peaceful cool vibe we’ve been looking forward to all day.

We’ve been on the road a lot it seems these past 2 weeks.  My birthday spent on the west coast of Vancouver Island then home to unpack and pack another bag for 4 days at Cultus Lake with family.  Next Wednesday we’ll be camping in the interior of BC.  It’s Summer and we are busy.

Even with all the go go go, I’ve managed to compile a list of products and things I’ve been  loving:

L’oreal Serum

Someone recommended this serum to me so I bought it and I’m glad I did.  I’ve been using this serum twice a day; in the morning after I’ve used my acids (Vit. C Serum and Lactic Acid) followed by SPF,  then at night with my Vit.B and Niacinamide Serums. It has a silky texture that leaves my skin feeling so soft.


Spirits Of The Coast: Orcas in Science, Art and History

I picked up this beautiful book at Chapters with a birthday gift certificate I received.  Filled with stories and facts from scientists and First Nation storytellers, the artwork and photography in this book are stunning and truly capture the spirit of this magical place I call home.



I recently discovered this site.  Poshmark is a place for selling your clothing and shoes that are either new or gently worn.  We all have pieces we once loved but haven’t worn in a while. Why not make money and sell them to someone who will appreciate them? You can also sell your items and keep the money in your poshmark account to spend on pieces from other peoples closets that you like.  I purchased 2 pieces:  A Karl Lagerfeld Paris sweatshirt covered in a sunglasses print (I love it, it’s so cute)  and this Banana Republic Jacket with the tags still attached (with a steep pricetag – I paid 1/4 of the price). You can also make an offer which is what I did to get these items.  The seller can accept or decline your offer. This is a good site to get your hand on designer items at 1/2 the price.



Sephora Lip Sampler

My mom gave me a Sephora gift certificate for my birthday and I purchased a few of my wish list faves.  On my way to check out I saw this lip sampler Sephora with 5 lip balms and glosses,  The Nars Orgasm and Fenty Beauty glosses are full size. I’m so glad I tried this. ALL of the products are beautiful. I’m officially a convert of the Fenty gloss.  for $38 for all 5 products, this is a steal.

Included in the sampler:  Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fussy, Nars Orgasm Lip tint,  Patrick Ta Lip shine,  Too Faced Lip Injection & Lancome Juicy Tube.



Very Scary People

New Kids on The Block’s Donnie Whalberg has a show called Very Scary People about America’s most notorious serial killers. I realize this isn’t a topic for everyone (including my husband who refuses to watch it. I wait until he’s out of the house to binge).  If you are interesting in the subject, this show has all the top stories: Son of Sam, BTK, Eileen Wournos, Richard Ramirez and The Zodiac who has never been caught. Don’t watch this before bed.


Dr Teal’s Deep Marine Sea Kelp Foaming Bath & Epson Salts

Years ago I found a candle at the gift shop on the ferry. It was called White Tea and Camelia. I loved it so much that after I finished the candle, I called the company directly where they told me they had discontinued the fragrance.  They did however have 1 box with a dozen candles left in their warehouse. I bought it.  I recently needed some Epsom Salts and puchased these on sale.  Was I ever surprised and excited when I opened the bag and out comes the exact fragrance from the candles I’d loved so many years ago.  I immediately bought the foaming bath.  You might now expect something with marine sea kelp to smell good but they smell heavenly.


Garnier BB Cream

For everyday wear I like to keep my skin natural looking. Full coverage foundation is only kept for nighttime or special occasions.   I’ve tried quite a few different tinted moisturizers but they’re always thicker than I want them to be.  Strolling the skincare aisle recently, I came upon this BB cream. It was on sale so I picked it up. It’s now officially my favourite tinted moisturizer ever!  It has a silky serum-like consistency, leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy but still blurs out pores and sun damage.  I bought it in the Medium/Dark tone because I’m tanned in the summer and like to match my face to the rest of my body. If you’re looking for a great tinted moisturizer look no further.



Huda Kattan (owner of Huda Beauty) got me hooked on Dermaplaning. Basically Dermaplaning means shaving your face! I guarantee that if you run your hand up from your jaw toward your temples, you will feel a peach fuzz which is totally normal.  The thing with that peach fuzz is that when doing your makeup, you are placing foundation and then powder over that fine hair and it can make the hair stand out more.  This hair also absorbs skincare before allowing it to sink deep into the skin.  When I say “shave your face” I don’t mean you need to pull out a shaving brush, cream and straight razor. There are dermaplaning tools (pictured below) to easily and safely remove facial hair. The result is smooth skin that glows under makeup.  Dermaplaning gently exfoliates the skin so any product (skincare and makeup)  works so much better.  I Dermaplane once a month and really feel a huge difference on how smoothly my makeup goes on.   And no, hair does not grow in thicker.


Thanks for joining me today.

Until next time.



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