Date Night At The Red Accordion


“Growing up in the Pacific Northwest as a young girl, whenever I felt emotionally overwhelmed, I would take a walk in the woods. Being in the stillness and grandeur of trees has always calmed me.” ~ Brenda Strong

The Red Accordion is a quaint Pacific Northwest inspired bistro hidden in an old character home sandwiched between the towering buildings of downtown Vancouver.  Velvet upholstered seats welcome you to nestle in and get comfy surrounded by antique paintings in gilded gold frames and book shelves lined with collections like The Hardy  Boys and medical journals in leather bindings.

The place has an old parlour-like feel with mismatched sofas and tables topped with dimly lit lamps with brocade shades. A fireplace in the main room holds old crystal liquor decanters and vases. There are walls filled with art from local artists on sale; something interesting to see around each corner including the red accordion in it’s glass case on the second floor landing.

Starting with drinks; I ordered El Diablo, a mix of tequila, cassis, lime, ginger beer. My husband had a New York Sour with rye whisky, lemon, malbec, simple syrup & egg whites.

The sun set shortly after we arrived and the air cooled quickly as grey clouds moved in.  We were seated upstairs at a large table with a long leather bench. People seemed content sitting out on the balcony, we were happy in our warm corner next to the wood and glass french doors that separated our dining area from another housing the main bar.

After sharing an appetizer of Haida Gwaii Humbolt Squid we ordered dinner. I went for the Carbonara, Seth had a wonderful smoked Trout salad with pickled red cabbage, potatoes, greens and caviar. The food was delicious, the service friendly and the drinks just right.  This was a very pleasant discovery, a recommendation by my musician sister who has played here a few times. The ambience took me back to one of my favourite pubs in Port Townsend Washington called Sirens.

We will be back.

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