Journal & Catch Up

I haven’t journaled in a while.  Today I called a friend I hadn’t spoken with in over 7 years.  It was good to catch up.  The sun’s been shining and I even got a little tanning session in late afternoon yesterday between launching my business and making dinner.


The business I’m launching is one I had back in 2010.  It’s called Flower of Tahiti Organics and I make Organic & Vegan Haircare, Bath and Body care products. It’s been a challenge creating the website and shopping cart; all new territory for me but today I finally finished the “hard” work and celebrated by cleaning the house as it had been neglected over the past days with my mind elsewhere.


I love the afternoons at home.  We get sun streaming through the entire apartment until sunset.  It gets warm in the Summer but it’s not so bad with the patio door and windows open.  The cats like to take long siestas stretched out in the sunbeams.  They know how to make the best of everything.


I spent some time in my closet arranging some of my warmer weather clothing to the front of the rack to remind me of what I haven’t worn yet.  I’ve been making it a point to shop at more of the local shops as I’ve been stiffed a few- times- too- many with large import bills.  H&M and Nordstrom had some good sales this week.  I purchased a few new pieces for summer at great prices (I mean dresses for $15-$25 good) and free shipping.


I had these earrings made by an artist on Etsy.  I’ve done this a few times in the past with pieces I see in movies that I love.  I have Cameron Diazs’ shaker necklace from  her first scene in the Holiday movie.   Reese Witherspoon wore these in Four Christmases. I had to have them so I gifted them to myself last Christmas.


My husband and I are thinking we’ll take a little road-trip in the next few weeks.  Just pack up the truck and find a remote lake to camp and fish on for a couple of nights.  Aside from grocery runs and Mother’s Day,  I’ve mostly been home since March 17th.  The thought of not being able to travel for the long run is quite depressing; all I can think of is Paris lately.  It’ll be good to be in nature again.


My poor piano has been collecting dust for weeks.  I’ve been so busy with my business.  I sat down to play last night before bed.  I love how muscle memory kicks in and it’s like no time has passed.  One of my favourite pieces to play is The Heart Asks Pleasure First (Michael Nieman)  from the soundtrack to the movie The Piano.  Check it out on Youtube if you’re interested in hearing it.


Our cat Salem had quite a scare 2 weeks ago.  I was cooking and he suddenly ran inside from the balcony and straight into the storage room where, since then,  he now runs to every time he hears any sound (literally, we laugh, he hides).  It’s been hard to see him in this constant state of fear so I did what every 2020 mom would do:  I hired a Cat Whisperer who took us through the steps to get his chakras back in balance.  For the past 3 days I’ve been burning essential oils, giving him rescue remedy in his water and treats, I’ve placed pink quartz in our room where he sleeps and whenever I can get close enough I’ve been doing Reiki energy work on him.  I THINK he’s more calm.


Despite the uncertainty of the time we are living through at the moment, I’ve found this quiet time immensely uplifting for my soul.  I’ve created a daily routine around enjoying a healthy breakfast, doing Yoga and Meditation daily, cooking healthy meals, spending time with my kitties,  walks and leisurely talks with my husband.  It feels much more normal than the “norm”.


We bought this photo in Barcelona while strolling through the Gothic Quarter during our honeymoon last year.  This elderly man at a stand in the 35+ degree sun, selling his photography.  He reminded me of my father, something touched my heart about him.  “50 euro” he said for his photo.  We handed him the money without even thinking about it.  I have yet to frame it but I’ve placed it in this stand in the living room and kind of like that it’s even still in it’s original plastic wrapping. Looking at it conjures all kinds of feelings; nostalgia, stillness, a smile.


I hope that wherever you are you are healthy and creating new things, enjoying new hobbies and keeping in touch with the special people in your lives.   Blessings come in disguise.  I feel hopeful for the future amidst the chaos. If you have a moment to meditate or pray tonight, join me in focusing on loving-kindness.  The world needs it more than ever.




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