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Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy makeup

I love makeup and skincare, have I mentioned that before?  As much as I love my Charlotte Tilbury’s and Dior’s of the world, this doesn’t mean there aren’t products that work just as well but cost a fraction of the price.  I love me a sale and the best part about the products I’m about to share is that you don’t have to wait for them to be on sale because they’re all under $10 ALL THE TIME!   So without further rambling let’s dig in shall we?


The Ordinary –  I am very passionate about the importance of sticking to straight forward skin care products that work.  Enter, The Ordinary.  Launched in 2016 this Canadian made line doesn’t fuss with fancy packaging and celebrity ads.   Packaged in simple glass bottles with droppers, each product is a simple active, acid or oil.  My faves are the Lactic Acid 10% + Ha,  The Hyaluronic Acid,  The Retinol 1% in Squaline and the Niacinamide + Zinc.  I just bought a new Lactic Acid yesterday, it was $6. 


Life Brand Sheet Masks –  I do a sheet mask every night because I’m spoiled and overindulgent and love spa-ing more than life.  Every night I fill my bathtub with warm water, essential oils, slap on a mask and catch up on my fave Youtube makeup gurus like Tati and Jeffrey Star.  Life Brand is a Canadian product line sold exclusively at Shoppers Drugmart.  I know the owner of the company that makes these masks (no idea why you need to know that) and the ingredients in them are great. Even greater: they’re 3 for $5.  So go get some and don’t ever worry about saving your sheet masks for a special occasion ever again.


Noxema Face Cleanser –  My mom always had a tub of Noxema in her bathroom when I was growing up.  It’s creamy, removes makeup like nothing else, leaves skin squeaky clean yet soft and plump and if that doesn’t sway you, the minty eucalyptus-ness of this old fashion cold cream will zing you back to life; perfect for early morning wake up calls.  $8.99

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 10.29.18 PM

Rosebud Salve – let’s be honest here. This is basically Vaseline but in a prettier container with a slight rose scent.  So if you want to save $5, buy some Vaseline but if you’re like me and a sucker for cute packaging then this will set you back $9.50.  I am obsessed with slathering this stuff on my lips, my cuticles, to protect my cheeks from melting off when I use my prescription Retin-A. I even make my husband use it.   It’s a versatile product that can be used to protect broken skin from irritation (put a bit on the abrasion before getting into the shower or pool to protect it from absorbing impurities),  use a tiny amount on eyelids to create a wet shadow look.



Annabelle Perfect Corrector –  I posted a review quite a while back about the NYX orange colour correcting concealer.  Orange cancels out purple tones under our skin so it works really well for under eye circles (even dark shadows around the nose or acne scars).  The only downside with the NYX product is that it comes in a small pot and you had to use your finger to dig the product out of (not very hygienic and terrible for longer nails). I recently found a great replacement.  The Annabelle Perfect Corrector comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator; it has a creamy consistency that melts into skin and works perfectly under regular concealer. $7


E.L.F.  Blush – This brand is known for it’s low price point and yes some products are misses BUT they really have created a great formula for their powder blushes.  I discovered the Twinkle Pink blush while looking for a dupe to the Nars Orgasm shade years ago.   It’s very similar, peachy with gold flecks in it.  I’ve hit pan a couple of times and purchased it again. $4.  They’ve recently come out with a quad palette (4 blushes) in gorgeous shades with great pigment.  $8. I mean c’mon! 4 blushes for $8.




Dr Teals Pink Himalayan Bath Salts –  As a bath junkie I keep a bath stash at all times: A basket filled with bath bombs, bubble baths, salts, and oils.  Bath salts are amazing for soothing aching muscles, after a workout or to induce a relaxed state before sleeping.  Dr. Teals Bath salts come in a variety of scents like Eucalyptus, Lavender and Vanilla.  My favourite are the unscented Pink Himalayan Salts.  Sometimes I custom blend them with my own creation of essential oil synergies.  $9.99 

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 10.27.51 PM



Jergens Natural Glow Firming Moisturizer –  I am in the habit of moisturizing my skin from head to toe every day.  Out of the bath I like to mix my Vichy moisturizer with an oil like Monoi de Tahiti or the Mermaid Botanicals oil “That booty tho” (a blend of lavender and CBD oils).  That said, I love having a light tan all year round. It makes me look healthy-er, like I’ve been on vacation.  I’ve been a loyal fan to the Bioderma spray tanner for years and use it for a last minute tan (I’m going out tonight and want my legs tan because I’m wearing a short dress).  For a gradual tan and a lotion that doesn’t streak or stink like typical self tanner, try Jergens Natural Glow.  $10

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Hair Care

Garnier Fructis Banana Extract  Hair Mask –  I mentioned this hair mask in my recent blog titled “A Hawaiian Inspired Beauty Ritual).  I don’t know why but every year around February and March, I just want to be in Hawaii.  The islands call me and I’ve yet to go.  This mask smells heavenly and although it comes in a small jar, I get a good 5-6 uses out of it (and my hair is down the middle of my back).  It retails for $5.99 but I’ve never paid full price since it’s on sale every other week at one of my local drug stores.  I stock up when they are $2.99. 



Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat-  I can’t remember not having a mani and pedi for the majority of my adult life. It gives me a sense of order in a crazy disorganized world.  Even if the weather is terrible or I’m sitting through a boring meeting, I can always gaze down at my nails and sigh a sigh of relief.  I usually get my pedicure done at the salon and only get my mani done when I’m going away on holiday or for my wedding, birthday and Christmas which is when I get a gel/shellac mani.  The rest of the time,  doing my own manicure is one of the most relaxing things I enjoy doing.  I set up my station with all the tools, a bowl of warm sudsy water and my laptop so I can watch whatever I’m into at the moment (these days it’s Shauna Rae’s true crime channel. I know, serial killers and relaxing mani seem like polar opposites. It’s my thing so just let it go lol).  Once I’m polished and cuticle free, I add a final layer of this top coat and my nails are dry like literally in minutes. $8.49


So there you have it, 10 products under $10.  When thinking of which products to include in this entry I came up with quite a long list.  There really are many products out there that are great, we just buy into the desire to have the brands we see on instagram or in the media, a little slice of luxury but it’s not always necessary to pay more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog today and if there is any products you swear by that are $10 and under, do share!



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