A Hawaiian Island Inspired Beauty Ritual

Your body is a temple.

Worship it. 


West Coast winters can be grey and gloomy.  Cloudy mornings and afternoon rains with no end in sight.  It’s around this time each year that I day dream of being in Hawaii.  One way I bring sunshine into my life is with this beauty ritual inspired by the islands. From Oahu to Molokai, this ritual is a mini vacation in the comfort of home.


The rain started to fall today  at 3pm.  I ran a warm bath and added a few drops of Neroli essential oil and a little of this Orange Blossom body wash by Lovescript for bubbles.  Orange blossom is a gentle floral scent used to calm the mind. Immediately the bathroom was filled with it’s sweet garden aroma.    https://lovescript.com/1DBF07A0-FB8B-4F0C-8AEC-0E1F62C12F8C

While the bath was running I mixed up a sugar body scrub in the kitchen .  I love how smooth my skin feels after a good exfoliation.  I mixed raw brown sugar with Monoi Oil and  added Passion Fruit and Mango fragrance oils.  It turned out so sweet I could almost eat it.  Monoi Oil is made by the beautiful people of Tahiti by infusing Tahitian Tiare (gardenia) flower into fresh coconut oil.  It is then left to sit for up to 2 months in the island sun. The result is a highly fragranced oil that hydrates skin and hair.
Before sinking into my bath I lit my Tropical Collections  candles in Pineapple and Coconut Palm, covered my hair in the Garnier  Banana mask and tied it up.  All that was missing was a cold Pina Colada.   https://www.garnier.ca/en-ca
My husband bought me a caddy for Christmas last year, he knows how much I love my baths and now I can set up my face care products and even my iPad and watch my favourite shows while I soak all my tension away.   https://www.amazon.ca/
And so the ritual begins.  First I like to cleanse my skin of any impurities, makeup and sunscreen.  For this I used the Gaelle Organic Balm, an oil based cleanser with a citrusy lemon scent that melts into the skin leaving it squeaky clean yet deeply moisturized.
I then used the Purlisse Watermelon Peel.  I got this in my FabFitFun Spring 2020 box.  It’s a thick creamy scrub that sloths away dead skin leaving it smooth and supple. I love the yummy watermelon scent in this scrub. I can almost hear the ocean waves.  https://purlisse.com/
After rinsing my face with cool water, I applied this Vitamin C sheet mask by Rael. Vitamin C is a natural exfoliant that brightens skin and corrects sun damage and uneven skin tone.  I use a sheet mask almost every day ; I lay back and let it work it’s magic while I watched some of Eryn Krouses’  videos from her Youtube Channel.
Feeling so very relaxed and inebriated by the intoxicating scents of tropical flowers and fruits swirling around me,   I scrubbed arms, body and legs with my sugar scrub and finished my bath off with the Coconut Cloud Wash by Victoria’s Secret.  I picked it up at The Luxury Avenue Mall in Cabo San Lucas.  It smells more like Vanilla or Bourbon but I love foodie fragrances.
Stepping out of the bath relaxed, uplifted and happy I followed the ritual with skincare.
This plant based face oil by Tropicgyal is a mixture of Canabis Sativa, Argan, Moringa, Rosehip, Jojoba and Sea Buckthorn Oils.  Benzoin Essential oil adds toning and pore reduction to this wonderful concoction.  A few drops patted on my damp skin and my face felt plumped and glowing.  Where’s my hammock?
 Light Therapy is something I incorporate into my daily skin care.  Red LED light is said to have benefits for skin such as reducing fine lines and boosting collagen. When I don’t have the time to lay down for 20 minutes and use my LED light mask, I use the  Revive hand held light.  It’s the size of a small flash light and takes 3 minutes per spot.
What a wonderful surprise to step out of the bathroom and see sunlight flooding our home!   I sat at the balcony sipping a pineapple cocktail my husband made for me and watched the sun set over the city.  It may not be Oahu, but I love my coastal home even when we only see the sun for these few sacred minutes when it dips below the cloud line.
How do you pamper yourself?

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