January Favourites – Romantic Vintage Fashion, Books and CBD Skincare.


Rain in droves with no sunshine in the forecast until February.  A good time to be comfy at home enjoying some rainy day activities.  For me that is usually playing the piano, watching movies, creating a menu for our weeks meals and writing this blog.

The following are things I’ve been loving in January as well as some I’m curious to try.


For Christmas last year I got some wonderful books.  Some that were on my Amazon list like Eat Smart by Niomi Smart and Nigella’s Christmas book (a classic).  My husband got me the Oh She Glows Cookbook and it’s become a favourite for Vegan recipes.  I have a stand in the kitchen where I featured a cookbook I’m using and this one has won it’s spot.


Scandinavian Design

Clean lines, neutral colours, Hygge.  Scandinavian design naturally creates a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness that I really appreciate.  When the home is cluttered or worse, dirty,  it’s impossible (for me) to focus.  I keep a Pinterest board named “Scandi Inspo” for any ideas I find.  My husband will be away Heliboarding this coming weekend.  I’ll rearrange the home and bring in some Scandinavian vibes.




Essential Oils

Essential oils are a big part of my life.  I am a Certified Aromatherapist after-all.   In a recent blog I mentioned how synthetic perfumes have been giving me headaches so I am trying to keep it natural.  Throughout the week (and because I work at a clinic where strong scents are discouraged)  I like to dab a little pure essential oil on my pulse points.  I change them up each day based on my mood or what I need (mentally, emotionally or physically).  These roller-ball synergies from Saje are beautiful.  I love this scent and have been wearing it almost daily.  Funny that it’s called “Head Cold”.  I just like it because it contains Benzoin, one of my favourite essential oils.  That said, my husband has has a cold and a flu in less than a month and I’ve been spared.  Coincidence?




CBD Skincare

With the legalization of Marihuana becoming widespread throughout the world, we are learning about the medicinal properties this wonderful plant can provide.  Not only can it in some cases cure certain dis-eases, but for skin care it’s been found that CBD – which is a natural compound found in Cannabis- contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  I am about to finish up a few products that I’ve been loyal to for years but have these 2 lines in mind to try out very soon.  Aurelia Skincare is a line out of the UK that is cruelty free and vegan.  I’m excited to try their CBD Serum and will report back with a review in the near future.  For a higher end and pricier version, Saint Jane’s Luxury Serum contains 500mgs of CBD which is the highest concentration I’ve found.  CBD is not psychoactive so no, it will not get you high.

https://www.aureliaskincare.com/     &  https://www.saintjanebeauty.com/products/luxury-beauty-serum


Billie Eilish

I never listen to the radio but was captivated by a girls voice while driving with my husband a while ago.  The song was All I Ever Wanted. Little did I know that I was about to discover one of my new favourite artists.  Billie Eilish is a 17 year old from L.A. who wrote, recorded and produced her first album out of her brothers bedroom in their parents home.  Her brother Finneas has become a renowned producer working with the likes of Halsey and Ariana Grande.  Billie has a beautifully haunting voice.  This is my favourite song of hers:


Adored Vintage

Adored Vintage is a shop tucked away in an old brick building downtown Portland Ore.  Owned by a group of 4 woman,  the shop carries both real vintage (from every era starting in the 20’s) as well as modern vintage looking clothing.  Lot’s of neutral colours and natural fabrics like cotton and linen are their choice when curating the feminine clothing in this wonderful store.  I own 2 pieces from this shop including the swiss dot frill top pictured last.  I know I will be coming for more.  They carry really unique pieces and are very fairly priced.



Beeswax Candles

I burn candles at home almost every day.  When the sun starts setting, the candles go on.  I have a little ritual I’ve practiced for many years where I cannot start cooking until I’ve lit a candle.  I like the feeling of having a candle on the counter in front of me while I carefully create a wonderful home cooked meal, it makes me feel cozy.  A favourite activity for the winter of mine is making hand-rolled beeswax candles.  As opposed to regular scented candles that can be bothersome to people with allergies,  beeswax are 100% non toxic and are known to let off negative ions while burning which in turn cleans the air of impurities.  I buy sheets of honeycomb wax at a local shop and make long tapers.

beeswax candles

Thank you for joining me today.  As always,  if there is anything you’ve been loving or just discovered, drop me a line, I love discovering new things, places and products.

Until next time.



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