5 Pieces In My Wardrobe I Can’t Live Without

Today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

It seems no matter how much clothes we collect, there are always pieces we gravitate to, wear over and over again or repurchase.  The pieces I’ve chosen below are staples in my closet; items I’ve created a relationship with.  I buy a turtleneck and white t-shirt every year and as much as I add items to my wardrobe each season, these are the ones I always have year in and year out.

A Dress

Coco Chanel always said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror then take one thing off”.  I admit, I’m not the best at putting outfits together.  I see people on the street or in magazines and think “I have all of those items in my closet”.  For some reason however, I never think of styling them in such a chic way. I always end up with too many accessories  and I sometimes can’t tell if one thing clashes with the other (I just can’t figure it out).  For this reason my first item has got to be a dress.  It’s an entire outfit in one piece. I always feel (no pun intended) well dressed in a dress.  This is one of my favourites. It’s a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg I won in auction. My husband always says how much he likes it when I wear it.  The colours are very Autumnal so that’s when I usually pull it out.  Paired with a belt, some booties and a chunky cardigan. A dress will never let you down.


A White Shirt

I don’t wear a lot of white because I haven’t been able to ever keep a white shirt white like a normal adult.  That said, if you don’t know what to wear, a crisp white shirt will always look put together and is classic.  I’m not a fan of the pressed white button down, menswear style.   They look great on other people ( Reese Witherspoon can get away with that style and look amazing). For me however,  I like a more relaxed fabric and fit.  This is my favourite white shirt; flowy, loose fitting, made out of soft silk and with details like front pockets and these rolled up buttoned sleeves. Worn outside of jeans or tucked into a high waisted skirt. I like to pair this shirt with minimal dainty jewelry.



Jeans are so versatile. I wear them dressed down with sneakers and a concert tee or dressed up with a top, jacket and heels for a night out.  What a perfect invention.  My favourite pair are my Michael Kors flared leg jeans.  The wash is between light and dark so they work perfectly casual as well as dressed up.  The leg is fitted around the thighs then flares out. My favourite way to wear them is with a high wedge sandal in the summer.  They’re the softest cotton with a lot of stretch.  I do love a good black distressed skinny jean as well but if I have to choose just one pair, it’s these. Always.



A Black Turtleneck

Audrey Hepburn will always be my number one fashion icon.  One of the first images that comes to mind when I think of her is of her in a black turtleneck and cigarette pants. So chic.


Black is always elegant and makes you look streamlined (in lieu of saying it makes us look thinner).  This season is all about the turtleneck; worn on it’s own, tucked into pants and skirts or layered under a crew neck sweater.  Even under a shirt (like my white one above).  I always have a turtleneck in my closet and specifically a couple of black ones in a basic cotton plus a knit one for texture.


Denim Jacket

The Canadian tuxedo (jean on jean) is huge for spring/summer this year. I like wearing my denim shirts with jeans (both blue and black).  The trick is to not wear the exact shade of denim but break it up with say a darker blue jean with a lighter denim shirt.  I  can’t live without a denim jacket in my closet. I wear mine with everything and invested in this oversized version last year. It fits perfectly over a warm hoodie in Winter and makes a floral dress look chic and casual. I’m feeling the 90’s grunge style this season. I’ve never owned a pair of Doc Martins.  It might be time.






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