Cabin Living – Labour Day Weekend Photo Essay.

Labour Day Weekend. That time when Summer is slowly letting go and Autumn is soon arriving.  The first day of school. The end of hot afternoons at the lake and the familiar scent of campfire. The new moon has appeared tonight and the sun has set the sky ablaze, indigo and crimson as we inch closer to the Equinox.

There is beauty in endings and the change of seasons remind me that nothing lasts forever.  I sometimes think the end of Summer is even more beautiful than the Summer itself.  It’s still warm outside but the morning air is cool and fresh. I’m humbled by the anticipation of the colder months ahead. A journey inward where we can focus on our creativity and self care.

We spent 4 days at our family’s cabin in the South Chilcotin mountains of British Columbia.  We fished, swam and made s’mores around the fire.  There was french toast for breakfast and my husband’s famous trout scramble with the 15 incher he caught.  We hiked one afternoon into the Spruce Lake protected area and I photographed the largest variety of mushrooms I’ve ever seen.  I could spend hours in the forest.

These are the photos I took.  I hope you all had a wonderful Labour Day Weekend.



Until next time.




For links and information on the places I visited in this blog.

The Hurley – Forest Service Road

South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park

Gun Lake

For my NRTHWST Sweatshirt featured

For the “cabin rules” sign featured

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