The Blogs I Follow – Part II

Back in 2016 I wrote a blog about the blogs I like to read.  It seems many of you enjoyed it. Since then I’ve been following new blogs which I’d like to share today.  So without further delay, these are the blogs I follow – Part II.


  Eva Kosmas Flores is a cook and a photographer.  The way she captures the wonderful recipes she creates are worthy of framing. Along with her husband, she purchased 29 acres of clear cut forest land in Oregon and has been transforming it into her home and garden.  Aside from her seasonal recipes she also hosts an event called the Secret Supper that you can purchase tickets for.  The location of these suppers aren’t revealed until 24 hours before they happen.  Only thing you’re told is the general location of where they will be so that you can find accommodation nearby.  I can spend hours in Eva’s world and hope to recreate somewhat of the cozy warm feelings she projects on my own blog.

Strawberry Tart with Cream Cheese


I discovered Jonna Jinton a few years ago while looking up Scandinavian Relaxation music on Youtube.  I clicked on a video of a young woman with waist length blond hair standing in a field.  As the video began she held her hands cupped around her mouth and began singing.  High hauntingly beautiful notes that echoed through the forest in the background.  One by one, cows began to appear, the bells around their necks clanking as they approached and gathered around her.  I was transfixed and had to know who she was.  Jonna Jinton is a young woman who left her city life and moved to the wilderness of northern Sweden where she lives with her husband Johann.  Together they’ve created a home and studio where Johann makes beautiful silver jewelry and Jonna paints the most beautiful pieces that look like the northern lights as well as her surreal photography of the nature around their home.  Her now famous Kulning way of singing is included in many of her videos and takes you back in time, connecting with the ancestors. She’s recently released an album of her music.  I hope to purchase one of her photos for my home some day.
jonna jinton3


Created by Leandra Medine,  the Man Repeller started in 2010 as a portal for fashion that woman love and men hate.  The outfits Leandra puts together are extremely creative, not my personal taste (I can see how men would be put off by most of them).  Today the blog has developed into other avenues aside from just fashion and she has entries submitted but other writers as well.  For a taste of Leandra’s aesthetic,  I’ll let you decide based on the photos below.  Man Repeller


Juniper Ridge is a company from Northern California.  A group of botanists and herbalists who enjoy hiking the forests and sierras of the California Coast harvesting and distilling everything from red cedar to wild sage.  It’s then packed back to their workshop in Oakland where these natural perfumes, oils and saps are turned into incense, soaps and room sprays that pay homage to the wild places they visit.  I was gifted one of their room sprays and incense about 10 years ago and have since kept checking in with them from time to time.  You’ll love their Trail Notes if you are an outdoors man whether physically or in spirit.  Trail Blog – Juniper Ridge


With a PHD in Cultural Studies,  Carolyn Elliott runs a self help business, is author of the book Awaken Your Genius and writes this wonderfully witchy blog with the input of other Pagan writers.  I visit this blog when the mood strikes; usually when the seasons change, the moon is full or I’m longing for connection with my Pagan beliefs. I always find something new to learn and will most definitely check out the Podcasts soon. 


This is a local blog, written by an Herbalist on Vancouver Island.  As described in the About section, Gather Victoria Weaves together ancestral food wisdom, herbal folklore and goddess traditions, Gather Victoria takes you on a culinary pilgrimage through the seasonal celebrations of the wheel of the year. From spring, summer, autumn to winter.
Wildcrafting plants and herbs from in and around Vancouver Island, Danielle then transforms her harvests into divine pastries, meals and medicine.  There’s always a wonderful entry posted around the Pagan festivals and I never forget to stop in for Mabon, Litha, Imbolc and all of the Sabbats to see what delightful recipes Danielle has conjured.


Although I’m new to this blog, I’m definitely not new to Caroline Hirons.  I’ve followed Caroline on Youtube for years for her skincare products reviews.  On point, honest and knowledgeable, Caroline has been in the beauty industry for many years and graduated as an Aesthetician in France, trained in over 100 skin care brands.  Her straight faced British sense of humour is what I love most about her and I always take away something new or a new product to try after visiting her site.  Caroline is the reason I stopped using physical (grainy) exfoliants on my face and converted to acid peels.  Biologique Recherche is my #1 these days, but I’ll have to blog about that later.

Caroline Hirons – Beauty and Lifestyle from skincare expert Caroline Hirons



I was just saying to my husband last night that I must take him to Port Townsend Washington soon being that it is one of my favourite places on earth AND it’s where we’ll be retiring (he just learned about this retirement plan so I’ll give him time to process).   The first time I visited Port Townsend was by pure coincidence as I was headed to the Westcoast of the Olympic Peninsula to the town of Forks (yes because of Twilight!). I drove off the ferry quite hungry and looking for a place to eat turned right instead of left and found myself transported back in time.  All of the original Victorian buildings have been restored giving this seaside town an aura of times passed. Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman are a local couple who specialize in 19th century history and culture.  They’re not only fascinated by the era but live their everyday life as Victorian’s.  This includes their home where they count on firewood for cooking and heating, store their food in an icebox and dress in full Victorian garb everyday (Sarah wears a corset 365 days a year).  They make a living by giving talks, hosting events and with Sarah’s book sales.  I enjoy the conveniences of modern day life too much to ever consider living like they do but with the stresses our lives bring at times, a simpler one is somewhat attractive.  For now I live vicariously through them.
thisvic life3
I hope you’ve enjoyed this entry today and would love to hear about the blogs you might suggest I check out!  To read Part I of the Blogs I Follow click here:
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