What I’m Loving – April 2019

Shauna Rae Youtube channel 

It sounds strange, even morbid to say I am a “fan” of true crime so I’ll just say it’s a topic that has interested me for as long as I can remember.  I came across this Youtube channel recently and was pleasantly surprised at how Shauna Rae conducts her investigations on these cases.  Missing people, unsolved murders and cases based on movies are what she covers.  All of her videos are respectful to the victim and their family. She only states facts and opens discussion for theories without going into the details that aren’t relevant.  This is her channel if you’re interested 


Shopoholic – New book coming in October 

The Shopoholic series is definitely a guilty pleasure that I save to read only for when I’m on vacation.  Laying on a sunny beach immersed in Becky Bloomwood’s world of excessive shopping and laugh out loud messes is something I look forward to.  A few weeks ago Sophie Kinsella (the author) posted a one line status on her Facebook page that read “Becky Bloomwood is Back!. Christmas Shopoholic Coming October 2019”. A Shopoholic book AND about Christmas?!  I’ve already pre-ordered my copy and will definitely be taking it with me to Cabo when we’re there in November.

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You won’t find many introverts shopping at your local mall.  Online shopping is a saviour if crowds, loud music and having to sift though mounds of messy clothes get your heart racing. Seeing the clothing on a model helps a lot and many sites now include a small video so that you can see how the clothing look in movement.  BooHoo.com is a new find for me.  I have a few dresses from the brand which I’d bought through Asos years ago. BooHoo covers all custom charges which is huge if you’ve ever been the victim of an insane customs bill. 

Phyto 7 hair cream 

I first heard of Phyto 7 Hair Cream on Lisa Eldridges’ vlog about her in-flight beauty routine.  Phyto 7 is a moisturizer for your hair that contains 7 plant extracts including macadamia, apricot and calendula oils.  It has the consistency of a very light cream that absorbs instantly into the hair and leaves it hydrated, never weighed down. I’ve been using it daily only on the ends to avoid split ends. My hair feels super soft afterward, never greasy. 


Timeless build your own box

Timeless skincare recently launched the option to create a box with 5 products of your choice. For a flat rate of $79.95 you can choose any of the serums, eye creams or Pure products.  You can even double up so in my most recent box I added 2 Vitamin C with Ferulic Acid serums (my daily skincare staple). If you keep in mind that each individual product costs about $25,  5 products for $79 is a deal! Makes a great gift too. 

Crazy Rich Asians & Jamie Chua 

If you haven’t watched Crazy Rich Asians yet, do.   It’s so fun, opulent, over the top. First Class flights, million dollar jewelry and parties on private islands.  It would be easy to think that this story is just that, make believe but after watching the movie I was curious and started reading about Singapore and learned that on this relatively small country there are over 200 thousand millionaires. One of these is Jamie Chua, a.k.a, my new favourite Youtuber.  A former flight attendant, Jamie Chua would later go on to be (after marrying than divorcing an Indonesian billionaire she met on a flight) a very, very wealthy woman.  Yes she is over the top, owns one of the largest collection of Birkin bags on the planet and has become accustomed to spending more money in one day than many make in a year but she’s also really funny. Following her on her adventures (from a weekend in Bali to an African Safari) gives you a glimpse of some of the worlds most amazing resorts.  I’m so going to Singapore some day. 

Anabelle Colour Corrector 

If you struggle with dark circles under your eyes you must try this colour corrector.  I’d read years ago that orange concealer cancels out purple under eye circles and I tried using the NYX orange concealer for a while.  2 problems, it did cover the darkness but by midday it had become dry looking so although the darkness was camouflaged, now I had lines and creases under my eyes.  Also it comes in a small pot which once you’d used 1/2 of the product, you now how to dig your finger into it getting it caked under your nails. This couldn’t be the most hygienic.  I actually just happened upon this product while browsing at London Drugs.  I don’t know if I’ve ever used Anabelle cosmetics before but this one is magic.  Add a few dots in the inner crease of the eye, pat with your finger and apply your regular brightening concealer and no one will ever guess you just pulled an all nighter.


Thank you for reading and hope you’ve found something here that you might want to try out for yourself.

Until next time.



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