January Favourites – What I’m Watching, Where I’m Shopping, What I’m reading & More!

Beginning Friday night outflow winds will pour out of the mainland inlets and valleys. Wind warnings or Arctic Outflow warnings have been issued for Howe Sound-Whistler-Sea to Sky highway, the Fraser Valley, southeastern Metro Vancouver, Greater Victoria and the southern Gulf Islands. These areas will experience damaging winds, cold wind chill values and localized reduced visibilities in blowing snow. The outflow winds will diminish on Sunday morning. – The Weather Network

Sounds like I’m exactly where I should be: At home, in my PJ’s,  watching Ghost Adventures on T.V.  A storm’s a brewin’, headed straight for us.  The rainforest and mountains should be happy.   My sister and I wonder if we’re the only ones that get excited when the red weather alert screen pops up on the weather network.  Snow, gale- force winds, sleeting rain.  It’s kinda cozy don’t you agree? ..if you’re inside obviously.  And that’s where I intend to stay for tonight; perched above the city in my warm apartment with the kitties and a Payne’s Balsam Fir incense stick burning in a potted plant, filling the home with woodfire cabin scent.  Bring it on storm!

What I’m Watching:  Latin History For Morons – on Netflix 

Recently added to Netflix, I downloaded this special and watched it on our flight home from Mexico last month.  John Leguizamo presents the audience with an honest view of how the history books of the United States were all but wiped clean of any of the contributions of Latino culture to this country.  Heartfelt and funny in a way only John can convey.

What I’m Wearing: Mexican Dresses/ Nightgowns 

The first time I was in Mexico I found these dresses in all the souvenir shops.  They’re lightweight cotton, stamped with pretty designs and assorted colours. I loved wearing them so much around the house that on my most recent Mexico trip, I had to pick up some more.  One thing I do as soon as I get home, is take everything off, cleanse my face of any makeup and city dirt and change into the most comfortable thing I can find.  These dresses are perfect for this and bonus, if anyone stops over unannounced they’re pretty enough to wear without feeling like you’ve been caught in your pijamas.   The label says “made in India” but I call them my Mexican nightgowns.


What I’m Loving: Csarite Ring

Also during our trip to the Mayan Riviera, we visited a silver factory one afternoon.  We browsed jewelry with every kind of gem stone (they even had a diamond room that you were only allowed in with a shop attendant, the doors locked at all times).  One stone in particular caught our eye.  As we walked toward it, it sparkled in a beautiful amber-y brown colour and when the shop assistant pulled it out and under the neon lights, it turned a brilliant green right before our eyes.  He then took us outside into the sunlight where it turned hot pink, we were impressed to say the least.  The stone is Csarite and was only discovered in a mine in Turkey in 2006.  My husband let me choose what I wanted so I went for this 3+ carat ring.  It’s such a great conversation piece and since having it I’ve seen it turn amathyst purple, ruby red.  I swear I’m going to walk straight into a lamp post if I’m not careful. I can’t stop staring at it.


Where I’m Shopping: Unique Vintage L.A.

I came across this L.A. based shop through an Ad on Facebook (they do work!). It was right before Christmas and I’d been dreaming of a red plaid dress to wear on Christmas day.  As in creepy  Facebook style, they read my mind and a plaid dress showed up on the right side of my screen so I clicked and it took me to Unique Vintage.  You can shop by era starting from the 1920’s and so forth.  In the 50’s I found my dress.  Reasonably priced and quickly shipped I feel like this spring might be my “vintage look” season.


What I’m Making: Scandinavian Bath Salts Recipe 

I am a spa whore..I mean enthusiast!  I sauna every week. I have a bath every night beginning in Autumn and as far into Spring as I can go. My bathroom is filled with facial masques, bath bombs, lotions and potions.  I’m also a Certified Aromatherapist with a massive collection of Essential Oils.  Mostly I go to my local LUSH store for fun glittery bathbombs but when I actually need the healing properties of herbal medicine (like when I have a cold or am sore after working out),  I head over to my aromatherapy armoire and mix up a batch of bath salts.  One recipe I like to make is in honour of my all things Scandinavian obsession:  Epson Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Pink Himalayan Salt, Hot springs Organic Sulphur and a blend of warming Scandinavian birch, essential oil of pine, bergamot, cedarwood and fir needle.


What I’m Reading: Tony Robbins 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

It’s sad that financial education isn’t taught in schools and that many go into adulthood not knowing what their options are for making money or growing their money.  We’re not taught what a TFSA or an index fund is. We sit at the bank nodding obediently while a banker who is making commission off of your ignorance puts your hard earned money into a mutual funds with high fees, that will never grow more than dimes.  I’ve been listening to Tony Robbins for years and practice his Daily Priming Meditation a few times a week. It fills me with energy and helps me manifest what I’m visualizing more efficiently.  This book is written in layman’s terms to help you put your money to work for you (and not you working for your money).  Whether you’re 20 or 50, this book book could be helpful for you and I recommend it.


And these have been my favourite things in the month of January.  If you have anything you’ve been loving and would like to share, I always like to discover new products and things so drop me a line!



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