January Journalling. Bohemian Rhapsody, Riviera Maya and Buffalo Mozzarella Melts.

7 Degrees in Vancouver; mild and overcast.  I’ve been moving at a slow pace and have had to remind myself a couple of times that it’s only Saturday, not Sunday.   Last night we went to the movies to watch Bohemian Rhapsody, the story of Freddy Mercury and Queen.  Many years ago I sang with a choir in South America and following Freddy’s death in 1991, was fortunate to be part of a tribute show which we performed with the Symphony Orchestra.  We sang all the greatest hits to a sold out audience 3 nights in a row at the Teatro Municipal in Cali Colombia.  Bohemian Rhapsody is definitely one of those films you have to watch in the theatre to really experience the power of Freddy’s voice, the closing scene at the Live Aid concert is electric, I had to control the urge to stand up and dance.

We were in Mexico 2 weeks ago, a little pre-honeymoon getaway before our big trip to Europe in the Summer.  I’d never been to the caribbean side of Mexico.  We stayed at the Royalton Riviera Maya and enjoyed 7 days of sunshine, lounging under palm trees, sipping on pina coladas and listening to the crashing waves.  I read the 3rd instalment to the Confessions of a Shopoholic series; a guilty pleasure I keep only for when I’m on holiday.  We did a couple of tours, one that took us to Chichen Itza, Valladolid and the Cenotes and another where we visited a silver factory (I bought a gorgeous ring with a natural stone that changes colour), a Tequila factory (I officially love tequila creme) and on to Playa del Carmen for an afternoon of shopping and tacos right on the beach at Fusion Beach Bar & Grill.



Tonight I made a cream butternut squash soup with Tahini.  I decided to make a side of mozzarella melts on rye bread, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I’d bought fresh bufffalo mozzarella at the grocer earlier in the day and was feeling inspired, plus they’re so much more interesting than regular garlic toast.  They came out amazingly tasty and you can keep them vegetarian by leaving out the prosciutto. Honestly the idea to add prosciutto came at the last moment as I was assembling them and saw it in the fridge.


You Will Need

any kind of bread you like (I used rye bread)

fresh buffalo mozarella sliced into coins

prosciutto (optional)

sliced tomato

chives chopped

Italian herbs

extra virgin olive oil

balsamic vinegar


Place your oven (or toaster oven) on broil.

Take the bread you’re using and toast it for a few minutes.  Once toasted place the bread onto a baking sheet and layer with prosciutto, sliced tomato, buffalo mozzarella and sprinkle with chives.

Place in the oven until melted and broiled (the cheese should look a little browned on top).  Carefully pull out of the oven and place melts on a serving dish. Drizzle olive oil over top, sprinkle with Italian herbs and finish by drizzling toasts with a bit of balsamic vinegar.  Serve immediately.


Happy cooking!





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