My Fall Movie List

Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. 

I really appreciate living in a place that goes through all 4 seasons. I enjoy them for the individual experiences they bring. I look forward to lazy summer afternoons floating on Brohm lake. Stopping in for truffle fire oven pizza and a beer at BackCountry Brewery on the way home.  The cherry blossoms throughout the city are stunning in the springtime; pink and white, creating a carpet of petals all the way down city blocks.  Waking up on an icy morning and seeing the first snowfall capping the coastal mountains and watching Autumn themed movies when the first leaves begin to fall.

I recently did a search online for movies set during Autumn and to my dismay found that every article was just a copy of the last one I had just read.  Not that the movies suggested weren’t Autumn themed but honestly as much as Dead Poets Society and Autumn in New York are most definitely set during the Fall, but they are also really depressing.  I watched Good Will Hunting last week as it was on every list and again; great movie, no warm comfy Autumn vibes anywhere.

This is MY list of Fall Movies.  Movies that encompass that Hyggelig feeling: Thanksgiving, warmth, storms, wooly sweaters and hats, family around the table and lots of orange leaves on the ground.  Enjoy.

The Proposal

When a Canadian born CEO living in the Big Apple is threatened with deportation, she blackmails an employee into marrying her with the promise of the big promotion he’s always wanted.  Out of desperation, he agrees to the arrangement with the condition they marry in front of his family and friends in his hometown Sitka, Alaska.  The two head up north for an adventure filled with humour, beautiful west coast scenery, a post and beam home to die for and Betty White as grandma.

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You’ve Got Mail

The opening scene is classic “Don’t you just love New York in the Fall?”. This film is everything I was looking for in an Autumn film; A cozy bookstore strewn with fairy lights, sweaters and boat shoes. The Fall Fest Joe takes his aunt and brother to and the brownstone New York apartments both characters live in.  Kathleen Kelley (Meg Ryan) owns a Children’s Book Store called The Shop Around The Corner, a landmark on the Westside of NYC, open for 42 years, founded by her mother. When Joe Fox, big time rich kid and businessman opens a large chain book store (Fox Books) across the street, the Shop Around The Corner is in danger of being forced to close it’s doors.







The Covenant

Ok, so the script is cringe worthy BUT it’s definitely Fall. It starts at the beginning of the school year and takes place in a gothic style building that houses the fictitious Spencer Academy.  Set in Massachusetts, Sarah Wenham has just transferred from a public school and befriends Kate, her new roommate. Kate’s boyfriend Pogue Perry is a warlock and so are his 4 best friends known as “The Sons of Ipswich”.  As Caleb (one of the sons) gets closer to his 18th birthday, he will ascend, inheriting powers greater than his younger friends.  What they don’t know is that the other new kid in school, Chase Collins, is part of a bloodline that was lost during the 1600’s witch hunts and Chase is hungry for more power.  A private school surrounded by forests and perpetual fog. It rains a lot in this tiny seaside town and there are plenty of scenes walking and driving through crunching leaves.  I watch this one for the feeling it gives me and ignore the really bad lines.






Baby Boom

When yuppie J.C Wyatt gets a call in the middle of the night, she thinks she’s inherited millions from a dead relative.  The next day she goes to pick up her prize except it’s not money, it’s Elizabeth, her distant cousin’s (who died in a car crash) baby. With a new baby in her life, J.C. quickly begins to realize she can’t continue to work  80 hours a week and raise Elizabeth alone.  Following a lead from a news paper clipping she’s kept for years, she packs up her New York life and heads for Vermont where she purchases a farm house and starts her own company: Country Baby, a line of baby food inspired by her apple orchards.  The first half of this movie is filmed in New York and focuses mostly on J.C’s career life.  However, as soon as she hits the road in her wood panelled jeep cherokee, it’s cable knit sweaters, the country general store, a stone fireplace in the kitchen and the handsome local veterinarian. I love this film.








I know, I know.  You either love this movie or you hate it but I’m sorry to say Twilight totally gets what Autumn is like on the Pacific Northwest; cold, grey and wet.  Bella Swan, expat from sunny Arizona, moves to the tiny town of Forks Washington to live with her father, the towns Sheriff.  Hating the rain and the cold, Bella quickly changes her stance when she meets the mysterious Edward Cullen.  It’s plaid shirts, gum boots, walks along stormy beaches, moss covered forest and ferns.  It’s Fall on the coast and feels like home.





Big Eden

Henry Hart, NYC artist rushes back to his childhood home in Montana to care for his ailing grandfather.  Having left the small town of Big Eden years before to forget his past, it all comes rushing back when he runs into his old crush.  This film is a gay romantic drama and has become one of my favourites over the years.  Henry’s grandfathers lake front log home is filled with gorgeous Pendleton style tapestries and blankets, native art and the story is set around the Thanksgiving holiday including a very telling scene over stuffing and cranberry sauce.  You’ll love Pike Dexter if you like cooking and the whole town is so accepting and friendly, you’ll soon wish you lived in Big Eden.  The country music soundtrack is beautiful too.

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Dan In Real Life

I mentioned this film in my most recent favourites blog and am only mentioning it again because it most definitely deserves a place here. An amazing ensemble cast, a book store, sweaters, football in the yard.  Just watch it.  Steve Carral is wonderful in this feel good drama about a widower with 3 daughters who on a trip back to his family’s home, meets the woman of his dreams.


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

As soon as the jazzy piano soundtrack starts I’m transported to warm memories of Thanksgivings past.   Charlie Brown gets forced into cooking a Thanksgiving meal for the Peanut gang  when Peppermint Patty invites herself over.  Not knowing how to cook, Charlie enlists the help of Snoopy and together they create their own idea of a Thanksgiving meal.  After failing miserably they learn that there’s room at the table for everyone at Grandmother’s house so  pile up in the back of the car and head “Over the hills and through the woods to grandmothers house we go”.   Football, Thanksgiving dinner, falling leaves and the song Little Birdie written and performed by Vince Guaraldi himself.




I accidentally watched this movie years ago when it was on t.v. and it’s become a staple in my Autumn/Thanksgiving movie marathon. Dutch (Ed O’neil) offers to pick up his girlfriend’s spoiled son at his boarding school and bring him home for Thanksgiving.  Their trip starts out on the wrong foot because Doyle blames his mother for his parents divorce and can’t believe she’s dating someone who is “working class”.  Eventually and after many mishaps along the way, Dutch grows on Doyle and they slowly create a strong bond.  This movie is very funny and I always watch it on Thanksgiving day while I cook and prepare for the day.  Private school campus, falling leaves, diners, a road trip. In the end they make it home just in time for turkey dinner around the table.

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I hope you like my list and might even watch some of these films if you haven’t seen them.  Have a cozy Fall.

Until next ime.



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