Home Sweet Autumn – Weekend Journalling

Autumn winds begin to blow , coloured leaves fall fast and slow.

Whirling, twirling all around, till at last they touch the ground.

September is an unpredictable month on the coast.  2 years ago we were sun tanning on the beach in 24 degree weather very near the first day of Fall.  This year the rain came early.  We went to an outdoor concert last night at Deer Lake Park and it poured down while we danced in our plastic ponchos and gum boots.

Depending on the weather I start my Autumn home decorating when it feels right.  This morning felt right. It was grey and wet, the clouds obscuring the mountains that stand tall as a backdrop to the city. I awoke before 8am, cooked up a pot of warm oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon and a dollop of almond butter and logged on to Pinterest.  I was on a mission: Autumn-ify the home.

I decided to go to Michael’s. Last year I bought these lovely ceramic pumpkins and everything was 50 – 60% off.  I was happy to see that was the case  again when I arrived.  I pulled out the list I’d written and filled my basked with all the things I’d need and headed home.  Being the candle “enthusiast” (so as not to call myself a crazy candle lady) that I am, I’d already purchased a few Fall scents at Bath & Bodyworks weeks ago so those came out and as I write,  the marshmallow-y scent of the Toasted S’mores candle burning on the counter smells so comforting,  like what Fall should smell like.

I’m very much a creature of comfort and ritual.  Creating a seasonal space in my home makes everything feel new. Usually on the first of December, the fall foliage and pumpkins will be stored until next year and the boxes of Christmas decorations will come out.  In January I continue with a winter theme switching out the spicy pomander scents while the tree gets sent to the chipper and adorn the centre of the dining room table with pussy willows and birch, the colour palette turning more toward white, green and silvers.

Next week is Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox.  If you’ve followed my blog for a while you will know that it is one of my favourite times aside from Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas (ok, I just really love Fall).  Every year I invite an intimate group of close friends for dinner and cook some serious comfort food.  I will be celebrating this year with my sister and her boyfriend as well as a friend who is visiting from the Phillipines.  We usually gather after sunset for an evening of wine, good food and a Tarot reading for anyone up for it.   For Christmas las year I got a gorgeous brie cheese baking dish.  You take a brie cheese wheel and add whatever flavour you like to it; garlic and rosemary, dates and honey, pecans and maple syrup. Then you bake it in the oven and have sliced fresh veggies, bread sticks or apples to dip when it’s ready.  I’ll be serving this as my appetizer with Kir Royales (champagne with a dash of creme de cassis).  My sister Stephanie is planning on coming early to help me prep fresh pasta for dinner (for my recipe to my fresh pasta https://thebellwitchmanor.com/2018/08/07/making-fresh-pasta/ ). I usually bake a pumpkin pie for dessert.

Seth will be arriving from his brother’s cabin at Gun Lake that afternoon and Steph’s boyfriend Vic will be arriving on the ferry from Victoria where he has a show that weekend so both our boys will join us around 6pm.  In the meantime we’ll have a sister afternoon of cooking and watching our favourite shows: Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures.

Do you have any seasonal customs or do you decorate your home in a different way each season?  I love to hear and see what people are inspired by.  Happy Fall and Blessed Mabon.

Until next time.





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  1. I love it. And Salem look so cozy! See you this weekend for Mabon!

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