Universe Meditation – An Exercise In Perspective For Anticipatory and Social Anxiety.

Tonight I wanted to share a meditation I wrote and practice for those times when I might be feeling anxious or anticipating something coming up that isn’t familiar to me. It really helps to ground me (even though we’ll be floating out in space) and gain perspective on the issue.  Sometimes the best way to really see a situation in it’s entirety is to step back, see it from a distance, realize it’s not that big of a deal in the grander scheme of things.  The best would be to record yourself reading this script then replay it so that you can close your eyes and relax into it. So let’s begin.

Sit in a quiet place, legs crossed, hands resting gently on your thighs. Or lay down on your bed, however you are most comfortable. Be sure however to remain alert and listen intently.  Become aware of the ground or bed supporting you. Feel your hands resting on your legs. Feel your spine straight and the muscles in your back in a relaxed.  Begin with 5 slow deep breaths, listening to each breath in and out. Mindful of each inhalation and each exhalation.  With each inhalation, envision breathing in the word PEACE. With each exhalation, breathe out what no longer serves you: Attachments, fear, tension.. let in all out.


Become aware now of how comfortable, safe and warm you are. And  very slowly, begin to float up out of your body.  Slowly rising up to the ceiling of the room you are in.  You can see your body relaxed below.   Now float up through the ceiling and up out of your building or house, over the trees. Float up over your neighbourhood. You can feel the  cool, comforting breeze on your skin as you continue to rise up, up, up and over your city. You rise higher and can see the horizon… then your country,  the continent and then Whooooosh!!!  , you pass through the earth’s atmosphere.


Everything is silent and still. You float without gravity and feel light and free.  You can see the blue planet earth in the distance, the clouds and oceans and you notice how it hangs in the blackness of space; all alone in a space that is never ending. From up here problems, stress and fears become completely insignificant.  You think about the people below, living their lives, going about their days and busy schedules. They think all is so serious and that they’re so important. Yet as you float out in space you realize how small not only the earth looks amongst the never ending universe, but how insignificant we are in the vastness of space.


Float out further now and see the earth become smaller as you float farther away.  You feel completely safe as you look around at the darkness.  There are brilliant stars in the distance. Breathe in start to think about how unimportant any troubles really are. What people think and do have zero effect on us really. The earth has hung in the darkness and silence of space for billions of years. People have lived on the planet and long gone yet life and time just continue to move ahead. The earth continues to turn. The sun rises and sets, day in  and night out and the moments we fear and worry about are but moments that will come and go and be but a memory.


Really stop for a moment and grasp from this distance how you can’t even see one person from where you are. No matter how rich, poor, famous,  kind or not kind,  the human race is but a spec of dust compared to the grandness of the universe.

It doesn’t matter who you meet or the experiences that arise in your life, they are nothing but a tiny miniscule moment in time; a fleeting moment compared to your entire life. You will live for many years and it’s is pointless to worry about something that might last only hours or days. Gain strength in the knowledge that when you meet people, you don’t go home afterward and think about them, you’re not watching everything they’re doing, you’re not judging them- you have your own life to think about. You have plans, things to do and so do they. They go home after meeting you and continue on with their lives, their reality. They continue with what they need to do, they’re not concerned with you. They don’t see you the way you do, with flaws or worries or anxiety. They just see you in your beauty.  Look down at planet earth for a moment:  is it really necessary to worry so much?  We are living on a planet floating in space and for some reason we are so self absorbed that we actually think it is so important what others think about us.  Let out a long exhalation and promise yourself to ….just…let..go. Be kind.

Time will continue to move forward, you life will continue to move forward.  Look down at the earth. You feel a huge sense of calm rush over you – is it worth feeling so scared?  No.  Is it worth overthinking an upcoming event when you don’t really know what will happen?  No. People and moments  will come and go and in the grand scheme of life and time, they are like us humans on earth, but a small moment in time.   Only we create in our minds the idea that we are important, that our lives are stressful, that what people think of us has any bearing.  It’s not and it doesn’t.  From this moment forward any time your feel nervous about meeting someone or going somewhere or attending an event use this anchoring technique:  float out into space in your mind. Breathe in deeply and see the earth below.  Realize how insignificant this problem is from this perspective and how it is only a tiny moment in the grandness of the universe. How many years you still have to live and this moment will be but a memory by tomorrow.  By tomorrow, it will be just another story you can tell.


So breathe and let it all go, relax the muscles in your body and commit to just living the present moment and moving forward with courage. Whatever you’re afraid of:  Will it matter in 2 years? will it matter in 10 years?

When you’re ready to rejoin your life again, begin to float back down toward your temporary home on earth.  See yourself getting closer to earth. You can see the clouds and water and continents. And when you’re ready, pass through the earth’s atmosphere. It feels billowy and warm And float down down down down, like a feather on the wind, through white fluffy clouds and see land and water below. From this height it’s quiet and you know that people below are going about their life but you are returning with new knowledge they don’t have.  All stress and time is an illusion and you feel free of anxiety and fear. From now on you see people and their lives and stories as a spec of star dust in the universe just a moment in time.  Float down now and  begin to see the sparkling lights of your city below.  You float even lower now and recognize your neighbourhood and land gently on the roof of your building or house.  Float slowly through the roof and see yourself seating or laying in your meditative position.  Float down back into your body and feel the warmth and safety of the room around you.  Feel how the ground or bed once more supports you. Feel your hands on your lap,  your breathing; IN peace, OUT letting go of the beliefs and fears that no longer serve you.


You are a child of the universe, you are fearless you are timeless.  Breathe in courage. Breathe out tension, let it all go.  Breathe in perfect health. Breathe out feeling sick or nervous.  Breathe in courage.  Breathe out doubt.  Now repeat 5 times “I trust that the universe provides me with my greatest good. I trust in the process of life. I am safe”.


You are letting go of fear.  You approach people and situations with curiosity and you realize, people don’t see how you are feeling inside. They just see you,  so let it go with a big exhalation.

When you’re ready, open your eyes and seize the day. If you are doing this before bed, then ease into a deeply relaxing sleep.  Nothing is a big deal.  You now have a different perspective of what is important and what isn’t. Respond without reacting.  Blessed be.




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