April Favourites- New Hood, White Teeth and Flying Pigs(?)

May ushered in with a small heat wave on the coast.  I set up my own private beach on our patio and got a good 2 days of sunbathing in which was delightful.  Books, music, a cold drink with a view of the yachts in False Creek and the coastal mountains that remain snow capped all year.  All the sunshine and relaxing got me thinking about the things I’ve been loving in April and here they are.


The Olympic Village

We moved to Olympic Village at the end of March and are really enjoying it.  There is a central shopping area with banks, liquor stores, a big London Drugs and restaurants galore.  Some of our favourite places to stop in on a sunny day or an evening date night are Craft, for good pub food and beer. Bao Down serves really good fusion Filipino food and I love their lemony kick it cocktail with Stoli vodka, lime juice and ginger beer.  For a date night we walk over to the Flying Pig. I have a soft spot for pasta and they do mac n cheese to die for 🙂  I order the appetizer size so I get my fix without breaking the calorie bank.  And for a sunny day lunch, we head over to the patio at Tap and Barrel.  A cold glass of Prosecco and the Cob Salad are my top choice.

Craft Beer





truffle jumbo macaroni FLYING PIG


A Sparkling Smile

We’re getting married this year and although closer to the date I’ll most likely get my teeth professionally whitened, I keep my smile as white as I can throughout the year with Crest WhiteStrips and 3D white toothpaste which claims to remove up to 95% of stains in a few days.  My dentist always tells me my teeth are quite white “for my age” lol.. insults aside (I never take things personally), I guess that means it works.



Tescos UK Comes To Canada

I’m a sucker for novelty and packaging. I’ve also always wanted to go to the UK (and will be there next year for our honeymoon).  During Christmastime I watch Tanya Burr and Zoella’s Vlogmas on Youtube.  On many of their vlogs they make trips to Tesco (which is basically just a plain old grocery store) for baking ingredients and supplies for Christmas parties.  I was shopping at Save on Foods recently and could see little British flags down an isle. Being the blind bat that I am, I had to walk down the isle and was so cheese-ily excited to see Tescos brand.  I picked up a ginormous milk chocolate bar with nuts and fruit and a couple of jars of Butter Chicken mix which I’ll use to create an Indian inspired dinner next week.  I know. It’s ridiculous but it still excites me that now I can run over and pick up a jar of Mince for pies just like the UK vloggers do. And have you ever tried an English breakfast with poached eggs and beans on toast?  Your life will be happier after you do.



Double Hooped Gold Earrings

I have an “In My Closet” board on Pinterest where I save all the things I’d like to buy and outfit ideas I like with pieces I already have in my closet.  I’ve had these earrings (or shall I say, very similar ones) with interlocked hoops in my board for a while and have looked everywhere for them. Any time I’m in a shop that sells jewelry, I look but have had no luck for months.  Last month I was surfing through Asos.com and found these ones, almost exactly like the ones I wanted.  They were $12 so I bought them and wear them everyday.



Organic Veggie Wash

After reading an article on the “dirty dozen” which are the 12 veggies that contain the most amount of pesticides, I have been as mindful as I can to either buy only organic or properly wash all fruits and veggies before we eat them.  Red Wine Vinegar works really well for this, you can put a cup full into a sink filled with water and soak fruits and veggies.  I found this Organic veggie wash during a grocery run and picked it up. It foams a little and leaves fruits like apples that are covered in wax, squeaky clean.



Hyaluronic Acid 

If there is any anti-aging product you can use, find a good hyaluronic acid.  This magical product holds up to 1,000 times it’s weight in water and plumps skin and smoothes wrinkles.  Timeless Skincare sells it pure and I’ve just added it to my skincare regime. I use it day and night and love how my skin feels. I even put in over my lips while applying for those pesky lip creases that show up with aging.  For $13 a bottle, I don’t feel guilty slathering it on.



And we’ve come to the end of another monthly favourites.  Until next month!





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