Tour My New Closet & Step Into Spring Fashion Tag.

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet” – Carrie Bradshaw


I’ve written 4 other “In My Closet” blogs; Two Summer entries, One Winter and one Autumn/Winter. This is my first Spring closet blog, how exciting! I’ve been waiting anxiously to share this one.

1. Because I bought a few Spring pieces back in December during Asos’ Boxing Day Sale and have been holding on to them until now that the weather is finally very slowly (by surely) looking up.  Now I can finally share them with you.

2. Because we moved recently and I converted our 2nd bedroom into a walk-in closet.  It’s quickly become my favourite room in the house. I even have room to stretch out on the rug and do yoga amongst my most prized material possessions.

Here it is finally, a tour of my (Im still working on it) walk in closet and a Spring Tag (because I really love tags)


I colour coordinated my clothes: Lights to darks

Describe your fashion style: I guess it would be feminine and elegant (?) Its a hard question to answer but about 90% of my closet is dresses.  I’m not the best at putting outfits together so a dress is easiest because you look well dressed with one piece.


White floral pattern mini dress with bell sleeves – Asos UK

 Who is/are your fashion icon? Carrie Bradshaw, Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Simpson,  Sophia Vergara, Anna Wintour.


My collection of vintage Austrian crystal jewelry mainly from flea markets


What is an item you always have on? A dress!  diamond studs, lip balm, my engagement ring.

Shoe rack from 


What are your favourite jean brands?  Michael Kors, America Eagle Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret (when they still sold clothes), Pepe jeans, Top Shop Joni Jeans.


Embellished Distressed Denim – Jeans and skirt


What are your favourite sunglasses and shoes? Michael Kors Aviators, Jessica Simpson for big glamorous black sunglasses. Chanel, Rayban and Tom Ford.



Who influences you in your fashion choices?  I’m not much for the latest trends (unless I absolutely love them).  I just wear what I like and it changes with my moods.

Whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, purples, blues, greens, browns, greys and blacks


What are your favourite stores to shop for clothes?  Asos, The Latest Scoop, Exposure, Top Shop, Michael Kors, American Eagle Outfitters.


Seth’s side needs some TLC still haha


Who is your favourite Youtuber? Tanya Burr, Charlotte Tilbury, Zoella, Latte and Ardra ASMR, Eman Makeup Tutorials and Conan Gray.


Green is my favourite colour


Heels or Flats?  Depends where I’m going. I prefer a wedge in general, for comfort and added height.


My fashion jewelry collection


Who is your favourite fashion model?  Christie Turlington, Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Alessandra Ambrosio.


An oversized mirror and my folded knits and workout clothes


 Favorite spring nail polish?  Corals, neons, turquoise and pinks in every shade.


Acrylic Nail Polish Stand –


What is your must-have lip color this spring? Glossy lips in pinks, corals, orange and nude shades.


I’m loving the orange and purples on this dress



 Show us your favorite spring dress!

Can’t wait to wear this for date night


 What’s your favorite flower? Lilacs, dutch irises (purple), lavender and peonies.


I’ve worn this with tights and boots through the Winter. Now I can wear it with a bare leg.


 Favorite spring accessory? An armfull of thin bangles or my new gold hoop earrings.


Bracelets and cuffs  in wood, crystal and abalone shell


 What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? – Fancy jeans like my embellished pair with rhinestones and pearls.  Bright colours like my orange and green dresses above. High gloss lips and natural eyebrows.


Scored this mirrored dresser on Craiglist for storing my lingerie and jewelry


Favorite spring candle?  Fresh Cut Lilacs by Yankee Candle


Custom made shaker necklace with canary crystals from Etsy


 Favorite perfume for spring?  Happy by Clinique is one I’ve worn for many years and I just bought Romance by Ralph Lauren for Spring.


Earrings by 


 What is spring like where you live? It’s either beautifully sunny and crisp or it’s raining non stop.


A collection of vintage pins


 What’s your favorite thing about spring?  Cherry Blossoms, not having to wear heavy layers and coats, gardening.








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