Beauty Products I’m Loving

Today I wanted to share some of the products I’ve been obsessing over.  When Spring arrives everything feels fresh and new and bright and alive.  After the long, cold months of Autumn and Winter I like to move away from the darker make up colours, the matt skin and the spicy earthy scents I gravitate toward.  When the sun starts to shine in Spring it’s all about fresh looking skin. Peach and pinky shades on lips and nails and floral scents of rose and bubbly champagne.

These are a few of the products that have made their way into my bathroom and makeup drawer this season.


Luxury is in small things: a bath, quiet time reading, wearing perfume to bed.  Whenever I know I’m going out and will be doing my makeup and want it to look flawless, I put one of these moisturizing sheet masks.  A trend that’s come out of Korea in the last years, these masks are soaked in ingredients that plump, cleanse and brighten skin. After cleansing and toning, I put one of these on my face and go about whatever I’m doing.  After about 25 minutes, I remove and massage in the remaining product (some you need to rinse off which I’ll do in the shower) and proceed with skin care.  There are high end masks, steeply priced like the Charlotte Tilbury ones at $75 but these work just as well in my mind. You can find them at London Drugs, The FaceShop and Shoppers Drugmart.  These range from $2 – 5




Florals like Rose and Cherry Blossom are scents I transition to at Spring and these two smell SO good.  Until it gets very hot in the city, I have a bath every night.  I take my iPad and set it up on the counter, watch make up tutorials, catch up with the Vloggers I follow on Youtube or put on a guided visualization.  Calgon Japanese Cherry Blossom is a lovely powdery floral. I’ve been using it for years. It makes me happy and leaves the bathroom smelling so nice.  I just discovered the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater and Pink Peppercorn body wash during my latest shopping trip. It smells like a beautiful red rose and although it is a body wash, I like using it as bubble bath. My skin smells gently of rose when I climb into bed.



NYX Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I went kind of crazy after seeing these lipsticks on Pinterest and bought 5.  These liquid lipsticks go on creamy then dry matte and don’t budge which is perfect for a night out including dinner and drinks. They come in so many nice shades from pale nude to bright red… and they’re also kiss proof. Muah!



Revlon Kiss Plumping Lips

Matte lips are great at night. In the day however my makeup is a lot lighter. Natural dewy looking skin and glossy lips.  This gloss by Revlon is tingly and minty and give your lips a plumping boost. After lining with a nude lip pencil I add a layer of gloss and I’m good to go.





I got a sample of Ralph Lauren Romance recently. It’s not a new scent by any means but I liked it enough to make it my new Spring scent. Rose, Water lily, citrus, violet, carnation and white musk are just some of the notes in this fragrance. I have a lot of perfume already so I picked up a roller ball size at Sephora which will still last me a while and I can throw in my purse for a little pick me up in the day.




Revlon Brow Stylist Pencil

This pencil is double ended. One side has a brow spoolie, the other a very fine pencil that fills in gaps and really defines the brows almost in a microbladed way.  I’ve used brown shadow for years on an angled brush but this season it’s all about a more natural looking brow and I love that this pencil really matches my brow colour.



MoroccanOil Rose Shampoo & Conditioner

Again, Rose creeps into so many products I use at this time of the year.  I’ve been a loyal MoroccanOil user for a long time. Funny enough I only use the original scent during Fall and Winter because I like that scent more for the colder months.  I didn’t even know they had a rose line until I saw it at the duty free coming home from Jamaica last September.  I made a mental note to order it for Spring and did. It smells like authentic Rose essential oil and leaves my hair so soft. Recently we went to a friends house and when I moved in for a hug and kiss our friend said “wow, your hair smells great!”.  My fiance answered “no one’s ever said that to me”, haha. If you like rose, you’ll love this shampoo/conditioner combo.


That’s it folks!



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