How The Law Of Attraction Has Worked In My Life.

“Everything is created twice. Once in the mind and then in reality” – Robin Sharma


Today I wanted to write about the Law of Attraction as it’s been something I’ve used consciously (and subconsciously as a child) for most of my life.  As defined by Wikipedia “the law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life.”

I believe that whatever our experience is today is a manifestation of what we have thought. I also believe that we can change the course of our lives, fate and even health by aligning our actions and thoughts to the frequency of whatever it is we are envisioning for ourselves.  Even though I’ve practiced Magick most of my life,  this isn’t hocus pocus.  I know that where I am today is the direct result of years of meditation, creating dream boards, practicing guided visualization, taking risks and just plain being very specific with what I ask the Universe for. It is important that we not just ask for what we want but KNOW that we already have it. We all have the potential to have and be whatever we dream. Recently and just as perspective, I read that the average human life span is of approximately 27,375 days.  When I saw that number I gasped! it just seemed so short. So why not be the best versions of ourselves?, why not live every experience we desire? and why not give ourselves everything we deserve to be happy and fulfilled?.  Isn’t that what we came here for?

The things I manifested and will share below are things that I decided I wanted for me. Not only did I manifest things similar to what I had imagined but in some cases they ended up being exactly what I had asked the universe for.  You might want different things for your life. The law of attraction says there is more than enough for everyone.

I will share links to powerful meditations I’ve practiced for years and hope that this will inspire you to start your L.O.A journey… or perhaps be reminded to start practicing it again.

Remember; The Law of Attraction is brought forth through:  Thoughts,Words and Action.  So although some of what I am sharing today may sound like I just sat in a room with candles and magically had these things appear; The most important thing is to hone in on what you REALLY want, see it, ask for it and go for it.

This is how I’ve used the Law of Attraction to bring my vision to life.

Love & Relationship

In 2014 and after a year of being single and living alone I started to open up to the prospect of perhaps dating again.  I’ve never been a dater so it was really unnerving to even fathom meeting different people, going on actual dates and because of this belief and fear, I hadn’t met anyone.  On January 1st 2014 and perhaps fueled by the the excitement of the New Year, I started to envision the perfect partner.  I have always known  (because I practice Magick)  that in order to bring about what our intended goal is, we have to be very specific.  So I waited until the Full Moon of January and that evening I sat in quiet contemplation.  I started to envision a person in my life. I spent some time envisioning in my mind what life would be like with this person.  I then took a pen and paper and wrote a list of exactly what I wanted in a partner.  At first it felt fake and contrived but I had nothing to lose.  I wrote things like “He has blue/green eyes”.  “He loves Christmas as much as I do”. “We enjoy cooking together”. “He loves his family and family life”. “He has a big heart and is romantic”.  I wrote it all in the present, as if he was already here.  Then I went a step further and made a dream board including a photo of a couple seated together in front of a fireplace at Christmas and friends gathered around a dinner table, glasses raised, toasting life!.  After a while of “seeing” this person and feeling really good inside about what our life would represent together, I released it in the belief that the Universe will always say: Your Wish Is My Command.

The next step was to go out and meet this person which was the hardest part.  On February 6th 2014  (a week after my “Love Spell”), my sister invited me to her show at a restaurant downtown.  I begrudgingly got dressed and left the comfort of my apartment, found a seat alone at the bar and ordered a glass of wine.  Around 15 minutes after I arrived,  3 guys came in and sat at the bar next to me.  One of them was Seth. We ended up chatting for the rest of the evening and we’re getting married this year at Christmastime in Whistler.

LOA3 (1)

A Place To Call Home

Many years ago I lived in a small apartment with a million dollar view of the city.  Since that time I’d always wanted a view like that again. I found it so inspiring to wake up in the morning, throw back the blinds and see the city alive and bustling ; the mountains in the background and gorgeous sunsets all year ’round.  I’ve always made it a point of creating a living environment that I absolutely love to be in.  I fill my home with things I like to look at,  scents I love to smell.  Good food and a select few people I enjoy spending time with. That part came easy once I started living with Seth; we like to live in a very similar fashion.  So the harmoniousness, the laughter and the peace were all in place so I figured why not? let’s manifest the amazing view again.

In the past I would make collages and dream boards that took a lot of commitment to find the images, print them out, cut, paste. Now I use Pinterest.   I can create dream boards I can access from anywhere just by being online. One of them is called “My Dream Home”, there are millions of these on Pinterest and every one has a totally different ideal.  On this dream board I posted the picture you will see below and its been there for about a year.  We weren’t planning on moving from where we were but wanted to eventually and only if the place had specific things that were important to us both:  a gym in the building, 2 bathrooms, space for me to set up my piano and most importantly,  closet space.  We have a lot of clothes!

I was browsing Craigslist one day just to see what’s out there and saw a place:  2 bedrooms + a den, gym in the building, 2 bathrooms and an almost 360 degree view including all of downtown Vancouver and the mountains.  I set up an appointment to see the place that  Thursday and by Monday the following week, we were packing up our old place to move where we are now.  I not only manifested our dream home but our living room layout is almost identical to the picture from my Pinterest board (below). I  turned our second bedroom into our dream walk in closet.



Work/Life Balance

For 13 years I worked at a Spa; first as a massage therapist then running the daily tasks of the business.  In theory this job had everything I wanted: It was walking distance to home, the salary was great but something was missing.  Something huge that I had put on the back burner because of the security and money.  This was Work/Life Balance.  I worked every day for those 13 years until 8pm or later. I had unhealthy eating habits. I didn’t have the energy (after getting home so late and eating after 9pm) to exercise and I paid for it by gaining more than 22 lbs.  I was basically working just to pay bills at the expense of my family and social life.  I didn’t take a vacation for over 8 years while I worked there because any mention of needing personal time was dealt with punishment and guilt tripping.

Something HAD to change. I needed to create the life I wanted.. and did.  I’ll be honest; it was scary to quit abruptly but today, I’m so glad that I had the courage and took the risk.  I didn’t do the safe thing and find a landing pad in another job. I just quit! Sometimes we have to do something drastic to bring about change. I stayed in that job for years out of fear of uncertainty, starting over, maybe even making less money.  I quit that job on a Friday and by the coming Monday had been hired to work at a beautiful spa 4 days a week with a schedule ending at 5pm.  I worked there for about 6 months but decided to see what other opportunities there were.  I continued to see myself working happily, making enough money for everything I needed as well as enjoying my life with Seth, travelling and especially being home early in the day to cook lovely meals and have a nice evening with my man and our kitties.  So I asked clearly for what I wanted (a shorter work week, more home life and enough money).  One day I came across an Ad hiring for a wellness clinic, something I had considered in my meditation because clinics hold office hours.   I now work at a beautiful clinic, Monday thru Wednesday,   I make enough for everything I need, Seth and I have 4 day weekends to take short trips.   Our home is a 5 minute walk from the office, I’m home on workdays at 4pm and I have the same gorgeous city view from my desk that I do at home.



One of the biggest reasons for leaving that well paying “secure” job was because my health was suffering.  Not only physically but mentally as well.  There is nothing more important than our health and you will understand this any time you’ve been sick. Without our health we have nothing.  I used to get up in the morning, eat breakfast in a hurry (or even worse, stop at Starbucks), get in my car, drive to work, sit for 8+ hours. No wonder I gained weight!

There comes a moment and sometimes it’s when we’re completely fed up that we make a decision to change. This is when the Law of Attraction kicks in. When we make our minds up that we want something,  we start to align ourselves. We start to act and think and live in the frequency of the desired result.  I needed to lose weight and feel like myself again. When we make up our mind the L.O.A will always say “your wish is my command” and people and circumstances will appear to help you.  One of them was through my sister in law.  We were visiting one day and I noticed she had lost some weight. So I asked her what she was doing and she introduced me to the My Fitness Pal program. You can download it on your phone for free or use the website.  Some may frown on this program because you are basically counting calories which means that if you wanted to eat chocolate cake, you would just put it into the calorie calculator and eat less the rest of the day.  I chose to follow the program in a healthy way and the weight came off – 2 lbs a week until I’d lost 22 lbs. With my new job I now walking to work every day.  Our new home is walking distance to any shopping I need and living right by the seawall, we go for power walks in the evening.

I created the reality I wanted. I feel great but and even wore a dress this past New Years Eve that I hadn’t been able to fit into since my 20’s!



When I first met Seth I shared my struggle with Anxiety Disorder with him and he said something that changed my life. He said “What do you want your life to look like? Let’s create memories together”.  Something clicked in my mind when he said this. I realized that because of letting my fear dominate most of my decisions, I had missed out on a lot of experiences.  I swore that day that I would do everything in my power to create memories with this beautiful man the Universe had presented to me.  Last year for his birthday, Seth really wanted to go on a real holiday. See, for the first 3 years together we only did road trips because I was afraid to fly.  When he expressed wanting to lay on a sunny beach with me, enjoy walks under the stars, have romantic dinners, I knew I needed to get into gear. I wasn’t going to let fear interrupt the opportunity to create those memories; to see the world with a man who wanted ME in his life. In my meditation I began seeing myself travelling happily and fearlessly. But the L.O.A isn’t just about thinking pretty thoughts.  I signed up for a fear of flying course at our local airport.  I spent weeks learning about how planes work, why they don’t just fall out of the sky and slowly changing the fear beliefs I had trapped myself in.  Not only did I manifest an amazing holiday but also:

  1. I envisioned us in first class sipping champagne. On the day of our flight to Montego Bay, I mentioned to the flight attendant that I had done the Fear of Flying course and that this was my first flight in 10 years.  She upgraded us to first class and we sipped champagne all the way.  Thank you Universe!!
  2. We had the most romantic dinner on the beach the second night we were there and we got engaged. Talk about a memory!
  3. I had made a Pinterest/Vision board and had posted a photo of a beautiful resort in Montego Bay.  We stayed at this EXACT resort.
  4. Another photos I posted in my Travel vision board was of Cinque Terre Italy (on my bucket list). As I write this, we received an invite 2 days ago to Seth’s cousins wedding in June.  In Italy.  We’ve already bought our tickets.




“If you can see it in the mind, you will go there in the body.”



If you are interested, these are a few of the meditations I like to practice.

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