March Favourites – Music, Thrifting and the Korean Glass Skin Trend


March is coming to an end and this morning (Sunday) the sun shone. By 1pm ( luckily just as I’d returned from my walk to the shops), it was snow/raining; it’s officially Spring. Even with the chaos of our move and living among boxes for a solid 3 weeks I still found myself drawn to using, reading and listening to the things shared below.  These are some of my faves for March.

Up Knorth Blog

I recently came across this wonderfully photographed blog in my quest for all things Pacific Northwest, Hygge and Scandinavian.  Up Knorth is an online retail shop from Vancouver that sells products for enjoying the great outdoors. Things like comfy hoodies, deerskin mittens, wool socks and leather goods.  Their apparel and gear are something I will keep in mind for camping and roadtrip season. For now I am thoroughly enjoying their blog with topics ranging from fancy S’mors to Scandinavian interiors. Their photos are straight out of a Kinfolk Mag; minimalistic, outdoorsy, me.

(photos from Up Knorth blog)





In a recent blog,  I shared my affinity for things I consider Atmospheric.  A lot of the aesthetic I see through instagram and pinterest involve a certain look. This look seems to include a lot of thrift store clothing.  I’m not adventurous enough (or maybe I’m just too old) to go full on 90’s genie pants (like I saw on a group of japanese girls at a restaurant recently) but I do like to be on trend and have welcomed the high waisted “mom” jean to the dismay of my fiance who looked genuinely horrified the first time I walked out in mine.  I used to go thrifting at GoodWill a lot when I lived in Washington.  It’s so fun finding treasures other’s have discarded and walking out with a bag full of clothes (many times designer) that cost all of $40.  I thought I’d try my hand at thrifting again and have wanted a hounds tooth wool blazer forever.  Imagine: high waisted jeans, a chunky oatmeal cableknit sweater, messy bun, Chelsea boots and this gem I found on Etsy


Chanel Sycomore

My sister and I have a custom every December. We spend an afternoon at the mall sipping Starbucks, taking ridiculous selfies and sampling the luxury makeup and perfume brands at Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom.  My sister must’ve been a car salesman in another life ’cause she will convince anyone to give us samples and we usually come home with a bag full of  tiny bottles of Joe Malone perfumes and anything else we’re curious to try from skincare to dyptique.

On our latest trip I got to talking about Gabrielle Chanel’s life with the saleslady and she showed me the Les Exclusifs line. The Sycomore perfume is my new Fall/Winter scent hands down.Chanel Sycamour has vetiver, tobacco, juniper, cypress, and pepper notes. The violet note comes later on. It’s very much Vetiver which is my favourite Essential Oil. Grounding, earthy, trees, masculine ..oh I love it.—coffret-400-ml-bottle-and-refillable-twist-and-spray-p122507.html#skuid-0122507


L’oreal Glow Enhancer

One of the latest Makeup/Skincare trends for Spring 2018 is coming from Korea and is called Glass Skin. Dewy and Translucent are words to describe this look.  As a girl with oily skin who has spent years using primers,pore refiners,mattifying foundations and pressed powders, I am SO happy to see this trend.  In my search for the perfect glow I came across this gorgeous moisturizer. After my morning skincare and SPF this glides on my skin like silk and really does give you a “glowing from within” look.  I add my favourite Stila highlighter on my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, cupids bow and chin topped with a pink cream blusher and look instantly more awake and refreshed.  No more pressed powders for me (or at least not this Spring). Now I have an excuse when my skin gets a little shiny:  It’s the Glass Skin look.


(photos below from google search)


Cascadia The Elusive Utopia

I am a firm believer and practice-r of the Law of Attraction as well as loyal shower meditator. One morning last week during one of my shower meditations I declared that I would attract something on that day that would be so specific that if it came true I would know the universe had heard me. So, here’s the rest of the story.

I have a wishlist on Amazon that I keep with current things I’d like to buy or books to read.On this Wishlist and just last week, I added a book called Cascadia The Elusive Utopia.

Recently at work someone installed a bookshelf in a hallway that all the offices in the building share. Slowly books started to appear with a sign saying “take a book, leave a book”.  Being that we were all packed to move I  had about 5 books to give away (including a duplicate Harry Potter book).

So I walk into work the next day and go to put the books I’m giving away on the shelf and am frozen in my tracks when I see THE book I had just posted not 24 hours earlier on my Wishlist  in perfect store bought condition.  I’m looking forward to reading this one.  Thank you Universe!



Kevin Garret’s Soulful Voice

There is nothing like music to stir up so many feelings and emotions and my most recent discovery is Keven Garret, a 28 year old living in Brooklyn who has written music for Beyonce and is signed by Jay Z.  He’s pretty fly for a white guy LOL!  I am truly in love with his voice, lyrics and beats.  If you have time to put on some headphones and listen, you won’t be disappointed.


This concludes my March favourites.  I love discovering new products, music, books and anything else if you’d like to drop me a line and share.

Until next month!



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