Scrapbooks, Collages and Dreams, Oh My.

#TBT alert!  Before Pinterest or Instagram I had my printer, scissors and tape.  I like to keep blank journals and love receiving them as gifts.  See, I write A LOT.  I journal, write lists, take notes when I’m studying, write letters.  Today we were at the grocery store and my Fiancee looked and me and started laughing.  I asked him why and he said “Only you and grandmother’s come to the grocery store with a paper list and pen in hand”.  So it’s official:  I’m a grandmother.  I don’t use a cel. phone so I don’t have the option of keeping notes and anyway, I like to have things written in my handwriting. That way I can re-vist the journals and books I keep, to see where I was at at a specific time in my life. What my dreams were. Imagine in hundreds of years, what would archeologists or anyone find that would give them a glimpse into people’s lives if people no longer leave anything in print?  If they found my belongings they would soon know: 1. Here lived someone who liked to cook (I keep folders with my handwritten recipes with pictures printed from my computer). 2. She was a Witch ( I have 2 full handwritten Books of Shadows with spells, recipes and photos). They’d find my journals and scrapbooks. Basically they’d discover how geeky I am and today you will too 🙂  This is  a scrap/collage book I created in 2007 with goals, fashion wardrobe updates, the shows I was watching, what was inspiring me, business ideas, etc.  It’s crazy to think I made this over 11 years ago. I hope you’ll enjoy visiting the pages of my scrapbook today.   Love,  Jennifer



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