February Faves

I haven’t written one of these in a while so I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve been loving this past month.


Disaronno Wears Missoni

Last week I came home from work and my fiancee pointed to the bar where he’d left a bottle of Amaretto he’d bought for me. Right away I looked at the pattern and said “That looks like Missoni!”  Then I picked it up and sure enough along the bottom said Missoni.  The two brands have paired up for the past couple of years to create a limited edition bottle (Disaronno does this with other designers as well like Versace and Roberto Cavalli). Funny enough Seth picked up a Missoni one not knowing I’ve loved the zigzag striped textiles that are the signature of the brand for years.  I like my Amaretto on the rocks or a shot in my hot chocolate.


“Bride” Makeup Bag

I got this sweet makeup bag in my stocking this year from my sister in law.  It says Bride which is very fitting as I will be a bride later this year!  It’s lined with a silky pink fabric on the inside and is perfectly spacious enough to fit all my skincare, face masques and hair products for my trips to the Spa every Thursday.  That’s Merlin my cat. He insisted on being in the photo as well as making sure the bag is as spacious as I mention by trying to fit inside it.     https://www.sweetwaterdecor.com/collections


Herbology Studies

I’m beyond excited to have finally started my Herbal studies. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years and as a Certified Aromatherapist, I think this is a great compliment to my knowledge on Essential Oils.  I also feel that as a Witch, Herbology is something that is aligned with my practice of honouring Nature.  I chose an online course with Susun Weed who is an Elder in the community with vast knowledge on the use of herbs for both medicinal and culinary uses.  Catch her on Youtube where she has wonderfully insightful talks about different herbs.  I will be learning about 52 herbs including how to harvest and make them into medicine.


NYX Lingerie Lip Products

It’s so excited to be able to find the entire NYX line at London Drugs now because they have such an amazing range of makeup. I’ve been really into the new Lingerie line.  The line comes in a selection of matte lip creams and metallic lip balms. Basically the idea is to either wear them alone or layer them.  I purchased these two shades. The matte colour is a light brick colour (very 90’s grunge which is so NOW). The metallic shade is more coppery but really punched up with shimmer. I like wearing this colour overtop the matte.  If only I would stop biting my lips so much so that this gorgeous colour could last more than 30 minutes on me.


Timeless Skincare

I could not recommend a product more than this one.  I discovered Timeless just last year and abandoned all other skin care lines I had been using up until then.  As we get older we want to make sure our skin is getting what it needs to stay youthful looking for as long as possible (at least that’s my goal).  I did a lot of research on this and learned that the most important things our skin needs as we age are: Antioxidants like Vitamin C (for sun damage and wrinkles), Hyaluronic Acid (exfoliates the skin and holds up to 1000 times its weight in water) , Vitamin A (found in Retinol – a powerful exfoliator that lightens sun spots and softens deep wrinkles), Coenzyme Q10 (our body naturally makes this to kill free radicals but as we age it produces less of it) & Matrixyl (A cocktail of peptides that make your skin behave as it did when it was young, producing collagen keeping the skin plump and wrinkle free). I use these products religiously morning and evening on face, neck, decollete and the backs of my hands.  I just added the face spray with Matrixyl 3000 and rose water to my latest order. https://www.timelessha.com



Bright Colours

I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Perhaps it’s the unending darkness we live in here on the coast during the Winter or my penchant for a bit of a retro aesthetic but my last Asos purchase was really bright!  I bought floral dresses for Spring in greens and oranges ( I’ll do an Inside my Closet Spring edition later) and these two sweaters in the most garish yellow and pink I could find.  I tuck them into my high waisted jeans and almost feel like I should be wearing a side pony tail lol!  I layered the pink sweater over a navy and white sailor stripe top the other day and I think it looked great! http://www.asos.com/monki/monki-lightweight-cable-knitted-jumper/prd/9282498




Neutral Nails

During the Holiday’s I love wearing jewel tones and lots of sparkle on my nails but there’s something about how the light changes in January and February that makes me gravitate toward neutral nails. Or maybe my brain just needs the break from all the glitter it had to endure.  These are some of the tones I’ve been wearing this month.




Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Soaks

I have a bath every night basically Fall through Spring.  It’s not only cold in British Columbia but it’s also really humid so it’s not just a dry cold that nips at exposed skin. It actually sinks into your bones, no matter what you’re wearing and for me, the only way to warm up is to soak in the tub.  On my latest visit to WholeFoods I strolled the isles of  bath products and found these sachets made with pure Essential Oils. I already used the rose one last week and I would use 1/2 of one of these next time because boy was it strong. Not in a headache perfume-y way thought. I’m looking forward to trying the Euphoria one with Flowers and Spicy Woods.  Sounds right up my alley.




I thought I had more things to share but I guess this concludes my February favourites.  Stop by next month (I’ll try, I promise) for the things I’ve been using and loving and wearing and listening to and eating…  wink.





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