A Peek Inside My Library II

In our digital world, we’ve become disconnected with the pleasure of holding a book in our hands. The smell of the paper and the swishing sound when our fingers glide over each page turned. I’m an old fashioned girl, I don’t own a cel. phone and still handwrite letters. Whenever I’m on holiday, especially visiting one of the many small towns along the Westcoast; Port Townsend Wa, Tofino BC, I will always seek out a second hand book store. I like strolling the quiet narrow isles, needing a step ladder to reach books on the higher shelves. A plush antique velvet chair in a corner to sit and read a few pages. People clutching coffee cups, heads tilted sideway reading titles and gentle music in the background.

Today I will share that feeling with you with a step inside my personal library. This is the second blog of this nature and I will attach a link at the end should you want to read that one as well.   Click on the soundtrack I’ve created below to play in the background at a low volume while you browse some of the books I cherish.  Welcome.


Rains All The Time – A Connoisseur’s History Of Weather In The Pacific Northwest

I’m about half way done this book and am really  enjoying it.  Honestly when I first read about it I had a hard time imagining how the author could possibly make this book interesting. I mean it’s about the weather on the Pacific Coast which means one of 2 topics: copious amount of rain or the 8 weeks or so of  continuous dry weather we get in the summer (if we’re lucky). This book is so interesting! So far I’ve read about both Spanish and British explorers,  who braved months at sea to travel the inside passage and the treacherous coast from Oregon to Alaska as well as those like Lewis and Clark, who travelled from inland, over mountain passes to reach the inlets, bays and islands in and around what is now Seattle as well as to explore the Columbia gorge.  It’s a small book and an easy read and if you love rain and history as I do, you might want to give this one a chance.



The Little Book Of Hygge – The Danish Way To Live Well

My family knows me so well I got 2 copies of this book for Christmas. I won’t complain ’cause I got to keep one and exchange the other for another book, a win win. The Little Book of Hygge is all about how to create intimacy and coziness and taking pleasure in soothing things like hot cocoa and candlelight. The perfect book to read on a snowy day like today.  I’ve written a couple of blogs on Hygge and will include them below if you’re not familiar with the term.



An Old Fashioned Christmas – Sweet Traditions For Hearth and Home

I am a Christmas junkie. As soon as Halloween is over, Christmas has arrived, at least in my heart ’cause my fiancee would probably not approve if I started pulling out the stockings and I’m pretty sure a fresh tree wouldn’t make it until the new year anyway.  To quench this thirst I bought this book last year and oh, how much cheer it brought to my geeky heart. Filled with wonderful anecdotes about her family’s many Christmas memories and traditions, the author is also an amazing cook so tucked in between shopping trips for the annual ornaments and sleigh rides through the forests of Vermont, there are delicious recipes.  I read this book cover to cover in a few days and will make it a tradition each year.




The Complete Soapmaker – Tips, Techiniques & Recipes for Luxurious Handmade Soaps

Did you know I lived on a farm years ago?  I lived on a 16 acre farm in Washington state that backed onto about 40 acres of mountainous forest with an old logging road I would hike up and could see the valley and towns below and far as the peaks of Golden Ears. It was a time in my life when I had decided to leave all civilization and venture into the world of homesteading.  I lived there for almost 2 years during which I taught myself as much as I could about self reliance. This meant growing a garden – I had carrots, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes as well as culinary herbs, even a Dhalia patch with bulbs a neighbour from the farm over gifted me.  I also learned to make all my household cleaning supplies; laundry detergent, candles and soap. I found this book during one of my visits to the GoodWill in Bellingham. The recipes are really great and I’ve made, used (and sold) many of them.



One Man’s Wilderness – An Alaskan Odyssey

Have you ever watched Alone in the Wilderness?  PBS airs it every year around Autumn time and I’ve probably watched it 10 times or more.  This book is written from the journals of Dick Proenneke who at the age of 52 decided to move into the Alaskan wilderness and single handedly build a log cabin and live off the land.  He succeeded and lived at Twin Lakes for the next 30 years, growing his own food in the summer, hunting and fishing.  This story fascinates me and I indulge in the book or documentary whenever I want to live vicariously through Mr. Proenneke’s adventures. I plan to visit Alaska one day.



Encyclopedia of White Magic – A Seasonal Guide 

There’s a seaside town called Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. This is where the ferry arrives when you’re travelling to Tofino or to explore the rugged Northern Island where I like to camp in the summer.  I found myself alone in Nanaimo one time after visiting Gabriola Island and had a 2 hour wait before my next ferry home on the mainland. I’m someone who likes to make the best of any situation so I drove around a bit then turned onto Wesley Street and found the Old City Quarter rowed with cute victorian style buildings, cozy little cafes, yarn shops and restaurants.  I sat at the bar and treated myself to some delicious sushi at Bistro Taiyo and was pretty excited to discover Lobelia’s Lair accross the courtyard, a Metaphysical shop that sells all kinds of supplies for your magickal workings: crystals, tarot decks, candles and one of the best things: a room filled with second hand books.  I found this great book published in 1990.  It takes you through each of the Pagan seasons and is filled with recipes, lore and spells.




I do hope you’ve enjoyed visiting my personal library and if you would like me to write about anything in particular, I’d love to hear your ideas.

As promised, these are the other blogs I’ve written about my favourite books as well as Hygge.

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As I write I can see the trees out my window heavy with snow.

Keep warm.







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