In An Atmospheric Mood




Relating to the atmosphere of the earth or (occasionally) another planet.
“atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow, rain”


Creating a distinctive mood, typically of romance, mystery, or nostalgia.“atmospheric lighting”
This will be a bit of a ramble about what’s been inspiring me lately.  Perhaps it’s the beginning of the new year or something different but I woke up one day last week and thought: “I need to find something new to really get into”.  My brain is highly creative.  I can entertain myself for hours at a time with only my imagination (and oh the places I can go).  Recently during a visit to my Naturopath he mentioned how the tests he ran on me basically show my brain, and I quote “runs as fast as a Ferrari with no brakes”. The brakes being high enough serotonin and gabba to help  level things off when I get to thinking a wee bit too much. We’re working on that.   It made so much sense though! A typical day in my brain usually includes reading anything and everything I can get my hands on. I read the news, business journals, facebook trivial-ness. I’ll watch Youtubers, journal, email my friends overseas and write lists and lists of things to do. I need to be stimulated and learning at all times or I get anxious and feel like I’m wasting time.  One of my grounding techniques is to put a movie on in the background just to keep me in one spot for more than 5 minutes. Whether it is to clean one room or finish a task. My attention span is poor to say the least. 
So back to my thought of finding something to get into.  It started with a video I watched on Youtube and spiralled into discovering and becoming wildly obsessed with new musicians, to joining instagram, to hosting a hygge afternoon with friends and creating a new pinterest board (to add to my 64 existing pinterest boards). But within all this seeming chaos, a theme popped out at me:  Everything I was listening to, reading about or looking at was stirring a feeling inside of me. I can’t quite pinpoint it but it was a mixture of nostalgia, wanderlust, the freedom of youth mixed with coziness. So, because I hadn’t read and researched enough already, I started looking for a word because there had to be a word that encompassed the feeling I was feeling and then I stumbled across the word ATMOSPHERIC and this my friends, is what I’m inspired by at the moment. 


I just joined Instagram last week.  I don’t use a cel. phone so I wasn’t even able to join if I had wanted to.  I did however get an iPad last year and didn’t realize I could download the App. until, well, last week!  My point of joining is mainly to follow nature photographers and anything inspiring for me to visit throughout the day.  I will post my own photography as well but will keep facebook for contact with friends. I will not be posting any pictures of myself on Instagram nor really following people I know. I’ve joined purely as a visual platform of inspiring imagery. Find me on Instagram at

(Photos below by Jennifer Pedraza)



Atmospheric music

I don’t really watch T.V.  I’ve only had one in my home since I started living with my fiancee. Before that I didn’t own one for years. So I watch a lot of shows through Youtube. I’ve wanted to discover some new music and because I’ve been feeling all nostalgic and wanderlust-y, I specifically did a search for Atmospheric Music and this entire melodical new world opened up. I am currently obsessed with Conan Gray , James Vincent McMorrow, Kevin Garrett and Nadia Reid. I didn’t realize musicians like BonIver and James Bay who I’ve listened to for years are considered Atmospheric Music so perhaps I haven’t discovered anything in the end but can add these to my newly re-awakened love for the genre. 





I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest. It’s a completely selfish thing as I am very visual and create board for my own viewing purposes. Nature imagery and photography feed my imagination hunger and I use Pinterest as one of those things (like putting on a movie I’ve watched a million times) to keep me focused and seated in one place when needed.  I’ll keep my Pinterest open throughout the day when I’m working, particularly when I have to do monotonous tasks like accounting on quickbooks and if I find myself getting distracted,  I’ll look at a few images on Pinterest.  Suddenly I feel grounded and warm and fuzzy (I’m weird I know) and can happily return to reality and do my work.  Here’s my new board aptly titled Atmospheric.

(these are photos from my Pinterest board. I did not take them)





I’ve purchased a few items and gifts on Etsy over the years. I even had a Bell Witch Manor shop on Etsy for a while where I sold my handmade potions and metaphysical goodies.  I like Etsy specifically for 2 things: Vintage clothing (like a houndstooth jacket I’ve been eyeing) and imitation designer jewelry.  When the Holiday movie came out, Cameron Diaz was wearing this gorgeous shaker necklace in one scene. I had it made by an artist on Etsy and get asked all the time where I found it.  I also have the Swarovski crystal necklace Carrie Bradshaw (sex and the city) wears in Paris in the 6th season.  I now have my eye on some imitation Missoma Jewerly. I mean, why pay $300+ when you can get something almost identical for $50?  Works for me!  (photos from Etsy site)


Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 9.40.58 PM



I think one of the most Atmospheric things I’ve discovered in the past year has been the concept of Hygge.  I have Hygge-d most of my life, I just didn’t know it was something people across the planet in Denmark had been doing forever.  My love of all things Hyggelig is such that last week I hosted Hygge on Sunday  with some of our friends.  We invited them for an afternoon of no cel phones or t.v. I made some serious comfort food (featured below), lit candles and pulled out the Jenga.  I think I’ll make it a point to do this at least each season because we had so much fun. (photos below by Jennifer Pedraza)





I started experiencing ASMR as a child. I never knew it was a thing but certain peoples voices, actions, movements and sounds produced a feeling of tingly, goose bumps and I would seek things out that would make me feel like that as much as possible.  Fast forward 35 years and browsing through Youtube one evening I found a site with a girl named Maria. She was doing random things like sharing her crystal collection or roleplaying as an aesthetician giving a client a facial and there it was, the tingly feeling rushing over my skin.  Goodnight Moon is an ASMRist I really love because she makes these gorgeous travel videos that she narrates in a very soft or whispered voice.  Her most recent video is a trip she did to Portland and she must be a wizard or something ’cause my brain literally feels like it’s melting when I watch it.  This is definitely the most intimate glimpse into my weirdness I’ve ever shared publicly. Oh and ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory  Meridian Response.


Wish you Were Northwest 

This is a clothing company started by 2 sisters from the Seattle area. Their product is pretty simple: sweat shirts, t-shirts, sweat pants and jackets with cute logos inspired by the Pacific Northwest. If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with the forest and our coast and all the photos of the line are taken by them in nature.  If a product conjures a certain feeling in me (these feeling change quite a lot depending on what I’m into at the moment), then I will likely purchase a product.  This clothing line is cozy, camping, autumn, hygge and being comfy at home all rolled into one.  I bought these items and can’t wait to wear them. 




What are you inspired by lately?  I’ll need something new soon, so do share! 



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