Family Wreath Making Workshop

December 2nd, a very grey and rainy morning.  I got up feeling extra festive knowing that in a couple of hours I’d be meeting my family for our 1st annual wreath making workshop.  I truly love all things Christmas. Every year we all meet for an afternoon of iceskating at Robson Square followed by hot chocolate and treats at Tim Horton’s.  I thought it would be fun to get both my family and my fiance’s family together this year to do a wreath workshop so I called GardenWorks Mandeville in October and asked if they might put together a workshop for us and they were so great!  They even put together a separate activity for the children who made beautiful snow globes.

We met at 10am and our instructor Owen had all materials ready for us: live greenery, red berries, honeycombs, gold painted leaves and twigs.  We also brought our own things to add like cinnamon sticks, bells and dried orange slices.


We worked away, weaving with metal wires, bending and adding adornments to our liking and after an hour we all had our own unique wreaths.  My sister Jaqueline added sparkly butterflies to hers.  I stuck to a more woodland theme with natural looking materials.  And in the end we were all quite happy with the finished product.  I couldn’t wait to get home and hang my wreath above the mantle.


GardenWorks is a garden centre in Burnaby (a city close to Vancouver). I visit in the Spring and early Summer each year to pick up culinary herbs and lavender for the garden.  Today though, it was a gorgeous winter wonderland, filled with Christmas trees and fairy lights.


It was a great day bonding with family and being creative.  Most garden centres will most likely have seasonal workshops.  If this seems like something you’d like, give them a call.  Merry Christmas!





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